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  • Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Webinar

    I haven’t had a FREE event in a very long time.

    On Saturday September 21st at 9am EST, lets work on Portraits completely in Camera Raw and import into Photoshop as a Smart Object.

    If you have been stuck in your old way of doing things, you will be simply amazed at how much of your workflow will change if you give me a few hours of your time.

    If you have never come to one of my courses or classes, now would be a great time to see what you have been missing. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat. Also, I am not planning on repeating it. This is one time only.

    Maybe you have been interested in taking one of my other courses, and would like to see if my teaching style is right for you. Whatever the reason, why don’t you come on out and join us. As this is a live event, I will be having students in the room with me locally, as well as International people from around the world.
    Learn More, and Sign Up:

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