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Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

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  • Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

    The anger. The frustration.

    The hours of clicking on some image that ends up looking worse than it was before.

    Take that first step to mastering the art of retouching with my free “Portraits, Camera Raw, and Smart Objects” class. This online tutorial lets you experience one of the best Photoshop techniques conducted using real-world sequencing and repetition.

    In just 2 hours, learn all about using Camera Raw, Smart Objects, and Smart Filters like the professionals do. Mastering Non-Destructive Workflow is crucial to your success as a Photo Retoucher.

    Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE.
    No strings, no frills—just pure Photoshop Perfection.

    Ready to break free from being a frustrated artist? Your exciting road to excellence is just a click away.

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    Re: Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

    thank you for the beautiful Christmas gift!!


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      Re: Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

      sounds great...i cant help to wonder why its free? whats the catch?


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        Re: Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

        I created this free class to introduce more people to my brand, and other videos and live webinars I offer. Nothing sinister, I assure you.

        Maybe if you like it, you will Facebook, Tweet, or mention on another forum about it.


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          Re: Portraits, Camera Raw & Smart Objects Class

          will check it out


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