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    Dear Retouchers and Photo Editors,

    Hello, all.
    Currently there is an on-going retouch/photo edit contest.
    It's based on an actor's headshot and turned into completely different character look.
    Please follow the link for the detail.

    Dear Freelancers, This is photo retouching contest. The headshot/picture is given ([login to view URL]) to work on and edit it to a different character look using photo editing program. The description of the character: "20s; ASIAN – He is an intimidating, creepy man with bleached hair, a pierced eyebrow, and a quasi-punk rock aesthetic that puts him out of step with other criminals. A criminal errand boy for a mob in charge of murders and assorted kinds of courier work, he is silent but deadly. He is the kind of man who gets sent on odd evil missions in the middle of the night..." The final product will be used by an actor for a casting submission, and keep in mind that it'll likely to be used as a guide for an actual look alteration (haircut, hair color change/bleaching, piercing and etc...), therefore an unrealistic extreme change is NOT recommended (i.e. 100 piercings, facial tattoo on entire face). Something that gives a character with a style, stands out from a crowd, and a realistic sense giving you a creep if "he" lives in the neighborhood is what I am looking for. Please look for the keywords in the description above (creepy, bleached hair, pierced eyebrow, etc...) for inspiration. Regular photo retouching (such as color correction) is recommended as well. Although the contest runs for 9 days, the winner can be announced before the contest expires since this is urgent (possibly as short as 3 days). Early entry is recommended. Thank you for your interest to this contest. Wish you all the best of luck and most of all have fun with it, -Tatsu Notes: The eyes are ABSOLUTELY important as they tell the story (but do not change eye color). ------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES (Mar 5 '14): The following images are added as references: -Character references -Punk Rock references -Bleached Hair references Below are things to remember when editing. Followings are Suggested: -Hair color -Piercing -Color correction (i.e. image sharpening) Followings are Optional: -Scar -Hair style -Clothes -Background Don't do followings: -Don't change the color of eyes. -Don't change the shape of mouth (lips). -Don't change the shape of face. -Looks really being photoshopped. Again thank you all for your entries. =]

    Also there is an award for the chosen winner.
    Thank you for reading the post and any entries are appreciated.



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