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seminars geared to imaging related to branding?


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  • seminars geared to imaging related to branding?

    I am interested in learning more about ways to effectively use tools like PS and other 3rd party software, to create consistent and repeatable looks to images for a company. You know, the "brand look".

    I know I can sign up for photoshop world, Adobe Max, etc.. but I feel the courses narrow in so far specifically for "how to color grade" or "luminosity masks explained", etc... in little 1 hr sessions.

    But is there one out there geared to merging the software techniques above(and others not mentioned), and then stepping back, switch gears to talk bigger picture about the overall visual branding theories?

    Does that make sense? I realize there is no seminar that can answer what our brand should look like, but would love to attend the a seminar that best fits what I am looking to learn. If it exists all in one.