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Good news ... sort of.

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  • Good news ... sort of.

    Hi all. The good news is Katrin Eismann is now a contributor to Photoshop User magazine. Her articles started with the March 2003 issue. The not so good news is her first article is on shooting digitally. Still an excellant article but it would be great to see articles on retouching. Hopefully in the future.


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    So that is your letter to the editor in the current Photoshop User mag!! I saw the name and thought, I wonder if that's the same Bob Walden on RetouchPRO??



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      yep, thats me

      Yes Jeaniesa, (what a pretty name) that is me. I had written Scott Kelby several times because while I love the magazine it had very little retouch coverage. And who better then Katrin to write it. I'm sure she has nothing else to do. Funny thing is I didn't read the letters to the editor column until I read your reply.



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