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  • Help With Photoshop

    here is a good site to help with Photoshop

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    Hey Kelvin,

    I thought I had bookmarked every Photoshop site out there but you dug up another good one. Thank you. We love those resource and tutorial sites. I am definately book marking this one to explore as soon as I get a free moment.



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      Thanks Kelvin,

      I've bookmarked that on my list as well!


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        Has anyone tried using voice activated command for Photoshop? I'm not very good at remembering the shortcuts keystrokes and thought this approach might help. I found this web site that has a video demo and a listing of all the Photoshop commands it supports.

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        Mine is Real World Photoshop 3.

        What's your oldest Photoshop book?
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        Hey All,
        I been wandering around on the web for exactly a site like this. I'm a hobbyist with Photoshop.
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        hey new to this whole photoshop thing and i was navigated to this site by a friend....hope this site has a lot to offer usually i get addicted to sites like these....but i'll just hav to wait and see what this site does with my knowledge on photoshop and editing
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