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  • photoshop training on dishnetwork

    For those of you on dishnetwork and can receive CCN (my channel 9405) you may want to turn it on at 10:30 EST to watch the instructor teach two 30-minute photoshop 7 classes. It appears that he is teaching from the book "Classroom in a Book".
    I was trying to find the link to the website for the college and I found a note indicating because of budgetary problems the college would be shutting down the dishnetwork link on the 15 March 2003. This letter was published on the 5 Feb 2003. How sad. I enjoyed the program last week and will miss not having the remaining 12 weeks of lessons. However, perhaps we can enjoy what is left of the time remaining and pick up a few pointers along the way.
    the website is you might want to check out the schedule for different evenings that the tutorials are presented.


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    Welcome to the site, and thanks very much for the tip. If anyone knows if this might be available on Direct TV, please post.



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