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  • Professional Photoshop 6 (Dan"Big Daddy" Margulis

    What Moses did with his walking stick (parted) to the Red Sea. Dan Margulis does with Photoshop to images. Example: In chapter 17 "There are no bad originals". He takes a hopeless,underexposed image and brings it back to life. If this man was in the religion business, he be a healer. While this is not a starter book on photoshop. It's advanced. A beginner can learn on a better level starting out (if your serious about learning high end color correction). For a intermediate and advanced user. He makes you think. From color by the numbers to plate blending to there are no bad originals. His key as a master is in using curves and more important, His know how. Anyone who is going to press(cmyk). This book is a must have. Even for anyone doing non-web rgb (photographers). His methods can be applied. For retouchers,using his methods (color correction). Take retouching to a higher level. It's an in-depth advanced book. High end color correction at that. I'm glade,I'm one of his chosen ones.

    John Opitz Photographer

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    Wow, Thanks John,
    Sounds like a great book to look for. Especially if you need to know more about working with the numbers. That is still a tough thing for me to do.


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