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    Shameless plug for Its not creepy, free photos for web design and print, any feedback or bug reports are appreciated

    Thank you
    [email protected]

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    I had a look at your site - impressive layout, no clutter.

    Two veeeeerrrryyyy minor things I noticed.

    On the "Agree" page, the text seems to be cut off mid-thought. Here's the last paragraph that I see:
    Any image that is claimed to be in violation of intellectual property infringement or the legal rights of any person or entity will be removed promptly upon
    The other thing I noticed and it might be done on purpose is that having "Entered" from the first page and then "Agreed" some link choices that were available on the first page are no longer available on the subsequent pages.

    I have very short "short-term" memory and whenever I can't find something that was there a minute ago, I feel inadequate

    By the way, I'm using v1 of Safari on a Macintosh - sort of an acid test for standards

    Good work, Margaret


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      Thank you, thank you. All this time no one wrote me about the disclaimer. (was missing the last word notification) And you are right about the content appearing on the side nav, its in the footer now- sadly the content is really an after thought, people just come for free pics. but thanks again, very much appreciated. I use mac too, right now I'm up to my eyeballs is perl scripts to go through all 5,000+ images to convert the images for IE on PC because of the PS7 problem, makes me sooooo mad.

      michael connors


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        You're welcome Michael.

        Could I ask if you wrote your own gallery or did you use one that was already out there?? I've been trying out various PHP galleries, but haven't found one that does what I want. I like yours.

        Thanks, Margaret


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          I did write it with perl and a mysql database, reqires imagemagick to convert the images, I can send you the source if you would like. Its a bit of a hack though, may not be the easiest thing to customize.


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            FYI: On my PC your site loads REAL SLOW. Not having the same symptoms on other sites.

            I'm using IE6 and have a pretty fast DSL connection.

            Looks good from what I could see, but gave up shortly after getting there.


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              hmm, strange, it is possible that I was running the patch script to re-write all the images at the time you were surfing it, but that was a lot earlier. It is probally just slow- I have tested it on a few different connections and configurations and it seemed OK to me, not sure how I can speed it up anymore. Thanks for telling me though, I will definitely start some more testing and see if I can streamline it.

              I just realized something, the images were saved in Photoshop 7 and there is a serious problem where the images will not download at all on IE for PC, I actualy found information about the problem in retouch pro forum, but I did fix all the images so that might make a huge difference. -whew- I hope thats what it was.

              PS- I can't begin to tell you how much I would appreciate the photo submissions-

              Last edited by mconnors; 07-10-2003, 03:04 PM.


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                It was definitely the JPG issue, on explorer for PC, any JPG saved from photoshop 7 as native JPG would cause the browser to hang and seem like its stuck downloading the images, in fact it would prevent the browser from downloading other images and would force you to restart the browser. This article explains it all,


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