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  • Digiscoping

    I have just gotten into photography and I know there are many members on this site that are photographers as well…hobbyist to amateur to professional. I just purchased a digital SLR, and I love the versatility of being able to add lenses, but boy lenses can be expensive. I would love to get one of those high-powered telephoto lenses, but I don’t want to hock my car in order to do it.

    Anyway to make a long story short, I found a very interesting article while searching the web today. It discusses a technique called digiscoping. It's perfect for nature photography and seems to primarily be used to photograph birds.

    Digiscoping is the technique of shooting with a digital camera through a telescope or other optical device that magnifies significantly.
    More more on digiscoping check out these web sites...
    Digiscoping Techniques

    Also try entering "digiscoping" in a search engine as there are lots of sites on the technique.


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    thanks for the info T Paul. I'll sure check it out.
    and for macro's there is a reverse coupling technique that lets you couple the 50 mm lens from a standard 35 mm camera in reverse to your lens and this gives you a sort of macro lens. I just ordered some bits and pieces to try this. You can see for yourself it works if you take your 50 mm lens, aperture all open(smallest number) and focus on infinity, keep it in reverse for your camera lens and look at your lcd.



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