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  • Beauty rules

    A website discussing the nature and effect of beauty, using morphed images from several individuals. There is a final summary of "rules" for what makes a person beautiful.

    In German, but there's a link for the English version in the upper right corner.
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    Fascinating study Doug! And more than a bit disconcerting.



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      Their conclusions are about the same as those reported in The Human Face with John Cleese, but the "ideal" faces they came up with look very different.

      I agree that the male and female faces look disconcertingly similar in the German study.
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        I have seen studies similar to this in the past, and I have seen studies that come at things from the opposite direction as well...that being "beautiful" can be a handicap in the long run!

        That theory goes something like this -

        If the hypothesis that beautiful people have a much easier time in life is true (even at an early age)...then it may also hold true that "unattractive" people will find a way to adapt and survive, usually by developing mental skills. In the long run, the "unattractive " group ends up ahead...especially after we all age and lose our good looks!

        I think most people probably have lots of anecdotal evidence to support this theory...just look at high school...Has there ever been a more accurate microcosm of social structures!? The "attractive" people become cheerleaders, class presidents and Prom kings and queens...the "unattractive" end up in the chess club and computer club (or the art department! ). Granted, this is a bit of an over generalization, but I have seen studies to support the idea and it certainly holds up to a lot everyday experience...look at Bill Gates!

        I also think it would be interesting if we could take a photo of their "ideal" face back in time about 100 years...My guess is that people would not react the same way. The face is too perfect. But we 21st century humans have been fed a pretty steady diet of digital the point where we now expect this to be the norm! It's no wonder eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are very modern afflictions.


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          It's no wonder eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia are very modern afflictions.

          That's what I was referring to with my "disconcerting" comment. It is disturbing to me that people choose a virtual ideal that doesn't exist over a "real" human face. Even more so that model agencies who work with "real faces" still chose the virtual ones (essentially what they "retouch" the real faces to look like.)



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            I have to laugh

            Every time I look in the mirror I look at my eyes ---- YES they never change.

            I see a very young happy girl -- not a 45 year old........ I think it is what we see, not what others look at!

            I think everyone has beautiful eyes --- window to the soul.

            Now go look at your eyes!

            Good site, very interesting.


            Jeanie and Greg very good points made!