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    This is probably one of the more 'advanced' PhotoShop books that I've come across conceptually. It's not so much a book, "for step 1, do this, step 2, do that, step 3, do this", but more so, this is what is happening behind the scenes in the program to give one a better understanding of how to use the program. It touches upon the maths of the various blending modes and gives a solid treatment on the issue of "calculations" and "apply images" commands that hide in the image menu.

    It was written around the time of PhotoShop 4/5, but alot of the concepts are still very relevant, although it would be nice to see and updated and expanded version. I just get the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg and separates the photoshop weekend warriors from the "guru's".

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    Hey Thanks Matt for the review. It sounds like a good book to check out and I know it's been mentioned before so obviously others think it's pretty valuable also. It's nice to get first hand info from someone who has it.


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      Thanks Matt. I think I've seen 3 or 4 positive reviews on that book. Could be something else to talk to Santa about!



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        I've only ever seem one bad review on the book and I think that was on I think the reason for that is someone wanted a step by step guide on how to do things without having to think about what they were doing. Thus they were obviously disappointed. I sat down for a week solid and worked/read through the book from cover to cover. It really isn't a beginners book and I would probably recommend walking into a book store, having a flick through it to see if it covers the topics you are interested in as it is very specific in what it deals with (hope this is making sense).


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          It makes sense to me. Looks like my library is gonna have to buy (or borrow) another book.



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            Thank you.

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