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1st edition of Eismann's Book Cheap in Austin Area

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  • 1st edition of Eismann's Book Cheap in Austin Area

    Just went to Half-Price books at lunch & picked up a copy of Eismann's "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" (1st edition) for $12.98. There was at least one copy left at that location, and possibly others around town.


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    You just spent less than $13.00 for a great book! Someone should jump on that if they're in the area.



    • #3 has them similarly priced over in their Marketplace. Some are used, but they list the quality. Just nav to the main amazon page for the book and click on 'new and used'.

      I buy from the Marketplace all the time. Just remember there's a per-book shipping charge of like $3, and you have to check out the vendor rating and how many users have rated that vendor (a perfect rating is useless if only 10 have rated, he probably has that many friends).
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        Great price on Katrins book. It should be on all retouchers bookshelf. Keep in mind though edition 2 has much more content, many new tutorials and examples. For a little more then twice the cost IMHO you get much more for your money. Either way this book is a must.



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          I just bought a used Datrin Eismann book for less than 12.00 like new. I would also consider buying the 2nd edition but since I am using Photoshop 6 instead of 7 would it be worthwhile.


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            help on Eismanns book
            by Gigadals
            hi guys,

            i was thinking of buying Katrin Eismann's book on Restoration and Retouching, would it be a good buy? or is everything on the internet already?

            need your help on this one guys, i really do want to learn more.


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            Do you have this book?
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            I am wondering whether anyone here has this book :

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          • Ed_L
            Katrin's Book
            by Ed_L
            If anyone is contemplating buying Katrin Eismann's book "Restoration & Retouching", it is now available at *$34.99* from . Just remember to buy it through the link from this site.

            08-13-2001, 05:00 PM