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    Wasn't sure where this info should be placed.

    Just received one of my Genealogy newsletters and it had a review on a Retouching cd. Sounds kind of interesting but the site does not contain much info.

    Our interest may not be the cd as much as this is one of the few mentions I have seen in genealogy sites about restorations. Dont know why but it seems to be ignored. Should be a great area for us to be working. Any ideas on marketing to this area?


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    On one of the other threads, there was mention of a software program that enabled you to make slide shows on CD's. You could also add music or you could add voice, at least to the best of my recollection. Sorry, but I don't remember the thread or the name of the program. But - if you could get something like this together for your own family, you could show it to the audience at a meeting. I know many people into genealogy have a lot of old photos, and something like that might just spark an interest. If you should do it, make *sure* it is done well. Simply keeping your name in front of the audience will do some good for you. Magnetic business cards, given to them would also be a great idea. People tend to use the magnets on their refrigerators, and they don't get thrown away like a regular business card. Have you checked all the threads on the work/jobs forum? There has been quite a bit of discussion on the subject of advertising.



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