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Hidden Power of Photoshop 2 - B&W>Color

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  • Hidden Power of Photoshop 2 - B&W>Color

    I am trying to go through HPPE2 doing each exercise. I am not able to accomplish page 45, steps 7 and 8. The Color Picker comes up when I do step 7 and I have to choose the blending mode "multiply" afterwards. I never get a scrren where I can choose "Group with Previous". I have tried several variations but none give me the desired results.

    I am familiar with the Errata for Page 45 but that doesn't seem to refer to this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have HPPE2 so I can see the exercise to which you're referring. I don't have Photoshop Elements, however, so I'm winging this a bit and basing my feeble attempt to help on how it works with Photoshop, which sometimes works the same as Elements.

    Once the Fill layer is created, check the Layers menu... Is there a Group with Previous command available there? Or, with the Fill layer active, try CTRL + G. That's the keyboard shortcut that will "group with previous" in Photoshop. (Shift + CTRL + G will "ungroup.')

    Hope this helps...