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Tutorial & Action on Tone-Based Masks

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  • Tutorial & Action on Tone-Based Masks

    Have you ever wanted to make an adjustment to an image but limit the effect to just the midtones in an image? Tone-based masks allow you to separate elements of an image, using tones to target areas for change or isolating them from change. You can use those as layer masks for more precise retouching of your digital images.

    My new tutorial, "Masking by the Numbers," shows you how to use this technique in your photographic work.

    You can find it on the Tutorials page in the Digital Darkroom section of my Web site.

    I also created a PS action set to make it easy to add tone masks to your workflow.

    You'll fond lots of other tutorials on the site. If you visit the Photoshop Tools page, you'll find PS action sets and tool presets.




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    I uploaded a new version (1.0c) today.

    It includes optional support for selection layers. By default, they are disable, since they do consume a lot more memory and storage than channels.

    Two new actions were also added. One creates a luminosity channel using Channel Mixer (you can substitute a different method easily enough). The other converts the currently selected channel into a selection layer.





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      Hi Mitch,

      Welcome to RP!

      ....I've just been to your site .... Unfortunately, when I clicked on the 'Tutorials' link, I landed on a blank page ....


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