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  • What books to Own?


    I'm looking at my book club here and am pondering over purchasing "Mastering Digital Photography- David Busch" or "Complete Digital Photography 2nd ED - Ben Long". Does anyone have these books. Would u recommend them? Other books that are better? I'm of course going to get the Katrin Eismann's books but I still neeed to learn how to take pictures first. Saving up for the Canon Digital Rebel. I can hardly wait!



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    No such thing as a bad book man. Knowledge is good....


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      I'm with Jeff, you can never have too many books.

      ... but on learning to shoot pictures I would like to pass on advice I got a long time ago when I was assisting for a commercial shooter.

      "spend all your money on film"

      I would add to that, shoot lots of black and white and process your own prints if you can.

      Digital is very cool but when it comes to knowing the light, the position and the moment, it doesn't matter what kind of camera you're using. The instant feedback is very useful but it allows you to think and anticipate less. Film forces you to take time and consider the variables.

      If you want to learn studio photography, try the book 'Studio photography - Essential skills' by Childs. It gives you assignments so you have to practice solving fundemental problems.

      Remember always... Creativity is in your mind and spirit, it's an attitude and a style which is uniquely your own. Cameras don't shoot people, people with cameras shoot people... and animals, and flowers, and buildings, and skies, and...


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        Lots of good book reviews on this very site -

        If you are going to be doing your own printing, I'd highly recomend "Mastering Digital Printing" by Harald Johnson.


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