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  • Need a paper recommendation...

    I need a paper recommendation for printing a calendar. A friend and I want to make a calendar of our images from the local area, for sale. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R200, and need to know what kind of paper would be best for this job. We really want to print it ourselves if at all possible. The problem I see with that is the need to print on both sides, and I really think gloss or at least semi-gloss finish would look the best. Does anyone have any advice to offer here, is this going to even be possible ya think? Thanks so very much for your help.


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    pleeeeeeeeease? anyone? I ain't ashamed to beg - lol.


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      not sure

      I'm not sure if i will be of any help but you did beg nicely for a answer

      I can print on both sides of a paper not sure wether this is a printer issue or software issue ( i use some very old softrware that i love dearly called micrografix window draw i think it is almost obsolete now )
      As for paper i dont really use designated pc paper (except for photographs) my Husband is a lithographic printer and brings home some paper/card offcuts (they print on much bigger than a4 ) i get all sorts and colours to try one of my favorite's at the moment is a contoured one which is excellent for watercolours
      Sorry i digress, glossy ones would look better but unless they are made for home printing ( they are also quite thin ) you might find that the ink wouldn't dry and would smudge especially being printed both sides
      hope this has given you something to think about ( if you have a printers close by go in and ask if they have any offcuts or scrap paper say a size though as they have the gullotines to cut the paper down very hard to do at home )


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        Thank you for your input. Really my main concern is finding a decent glossy or semi gloss paper that would be printable on both sides with this Epson inkjet. I dont want the print or picture from the other side to bleed or show through. I am really of the opinion that it is not going to be do-able, at least not the way he wants it done, unless we go through a printing company. There are a couple in town that I plan to check with, so I guess we'll see. I will let you know what happens, and in the mean time I wait for professional help here - lol. THanks again.



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          Try this (but it's $1 per sheet):

          They have several other dual-sided papers on that site.
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            There are many people selling double sided paper. But nearly all are selling 170gm Matt paper which is not really what you want.


            this is185gsm double sided Glossy or


            A Google search will find some more


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              Cafepress has some calendar designs. You send them the image, they print and sell the calendar and pay you the difference between the price you set and what they charge you. Enter "retouchpro" as your referral code if you join, and we'll get a small commission to help pay for site expenses.
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                Thanks, ya'll! I really appreciate all the info. And I will certainly look that direction, Doug, if we decide to have it printed elsewhere. TY muchly!



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