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Review:Lexmark: X73 All-In-One Print Center

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  • Review:Lexmark: X73 All-In-One Print Center

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    David - Is this the same one that gives you strange scanning problems? I know what you mean about the cost of wife has a Lexmark printer for her laptop and the ink prices are very high. The quality is pretty good though.


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      yeah it is the same one. it's also not just that problem that I had, the general scan quality just wasn't there. I compare scans of the exact same photo done on the X73, and then the one on my new Epson, and the ones from the X73 are always way less sharp and clear, the colors aren't great (fairly muddy actually), plus probably about 75% of the high rez scans I did on there had that strange color streaks problem I talked about before. The cartridge prices are ridiculous, it costs half the price of the actual machine to replace both of them

      - David


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