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    Yup! good .... but Housecall is missed"

    I like Firefox for sure but before when I felt I wanted a good Computer wide scan for viruses I'd visit Trend Micro's "house call" for a scan I knew was current. This service wasn't available with Firefox.

    I use spybot and also come back with the same results as Darren now but I Question the results for the same reason as above. Until I did an update recently to Spybot I felt secure as the program ran thru it's usual cycle but after the update the popup congradulating occurs immediately making me wonder if anything was checked.

    I can say that I've had no problems since switching to FireFox but I use my restore point frequently so any problems would disappear anyhow.

    For those who like to play and want a really quick machine (with tons of software installed even) then read on. ...Otherwise I just wanted to say I'm happy with FireFox.

    WindowsXP and WindowsME have a restore system built in.. I have win2000. But RestoreIt Came with my Intel Motherboard. It and others are available online or in stores.

    For the fast restore point I first formatted and did a clean install. Then I did whatever updates were needed as well as installed every program that I use .. or at least all that I could remember... all this without going online where a virus might get a Grip. When I had installed all that I could think of as well as set the preferences for most, I created a new "static" restore point.

    Afterwards I kept a clipboard handy as I went about my business and wrote down each thing I had forgotten as it occured to me..

    Once I had a list and some free time I used the restore point to bring me back to that pristine install I'd had going then went down my list, doing at once all the forgotten installs and preferences etc... Then made a new "static" restore point. I say Static as at least with my "RestoreIt" I can only have 1 Permanent restore point although many incremental ones.. I find those get erased when I Backup some of my DVDs so I really only regard the Permanent (static) as a true restore point.

    The important thing is to keep going back faithfully to the restore point... otherwise some of the common sludge that slows the system burrows in.
    also Defragment C: even if unneeded.

    Once done, again start another list.. It may take a few to remember everything (like signing into RTP) preferences on google.. homepage and all that stuff.

    But in the end you have a restore point that when returned to is as fresh as if you had sat down and done everything at once... Everything ready to use as is.. addresses in the book.. nothing to make you regret having to use the restore point.. In fact I often use it when it's not really needed... just to stay fast.

    Also I need to mention I had Partitioned my hard drive allowing me to retain all my files and Photos safely on partition "D"... Some folks may have 2 hard drives... same thing..

    Two things lost with the restore point is current e-mails and so far I haven't found where Firefox stores "bookMarks" ... I've gotten around this by copying my old IE favorites to a folder on "D" and creating a shortcut to my desktop.... quicker than waiting for the browser to open for access to BookMarks anyhow.

    with the restore point there is no fear of viruses or caution when installing software not sure of... if something goes wrong no big deal..

    I hope someone found this usefull


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      Hi Rondon,

      To enable online scanning like with Trend, its necessary to open an IE window, as Firefox doesn't support Active X applications. The easiest way to do this, is to add an extension to your Firefox browser called IE VIEW. This is found on Firefox's home site under extensions (can't remember which section at the moment).This enables you to open an IE window by right-clicking in a Firefox window, and selecting IE from the pop up list. You can also have sites always open in IE, by adding them to a list that comes with the extension.

      Can't understand why you're having problems with Spybot scanning. However, version 1.4 of Spybot was only released on 31 May, and its still a bit buggy, hopefully its just that.

      You can also Export Firefox bookmarks to a folder as a copy, by doing the following, Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks/File/Export. Then browse to where you want to save them and click save. These can then be Imported after resetting to an earlier RP, by Bookmarks/Manage Bookmarks/File/Import, and checking the From File box, then browsing to folder where you saved your backup bookmarks.
      (Its probably taken longer for me to write this than it does to do it.)

      Link to IE VIEW extension,
      Last edited by Gary Richardson; 06-15-2005, 12:33 AM.


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        another alternative to firefox and i.e. is mozilla. this is also a tabbed browsing browser with many of the features of firefox and i.e. i use it almost exclusively. and like firefox and other alternative browsers, you still have to maintain i.e for security updates from microsoft. i also have to use i.e. on those rare web sites where things wont show in mozilla, but like with firefox, those are few and far between.

        i dont use a lot of plugins with mozilla. about the only one i have is the java console and it works fine with mozilla also.

        i've also heard that microsoft recently updated i.e. and added tabbed browsing. gee, way to go microsoft

        and, if anyone just must use i.e., get the program 'Hijackthis'. ad-aware and spybot search and destroy do not always handle browser attacks very well. hijackthis specializes in it and has a LOT of support. spyware, hijack-ware, and other forms of malware often attack your browser, specifically internet explorer. hijackthis is the absolute BEST remedy for getting rid of these. it will even show up some trojans and viruses. if you're having trouble with something changing your home page or redirecting you to other pages you dont want, or disabling things in your browser or just plain slowing down your browsing, get hijackthis. it's free and it's very effective. it's saved me many headaches!



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          I use spybot and also come back with the same results as Darren now but I Question the results for the same reason as above. Until I did an update recently to Spybot I felt secure as the program ran thru it's usual cycle but after the update the popup congradulating occurs immediately making me wonder if anything was checked.[QUOTE]

          I was worried too, however, every so often i spend a couple of hours browsing with IE (usually when having to use it for windows update (argh!!) and - surprise surprise - ad-aware or spybot pick something up. I'm not naive enough to believe firefox is invulnerable, but think that it is many times better than (and not as oppressive as) the microsoft alternative.



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            If you go into the enterprise section of Trend Micro, Housecall runs fine.
            Here's the link:

            It states it supports Firefox, and now uses Java instead of active x.



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              Thanks Thol

              I book marked that new link to trend micro ... I really hated the idea of running IE at all..


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                Just a word on spyware and browsers.

                90% of all spyware is not on your system due to a driveby download, but is there because the user was loading free applications that come bundled with ad and spyware.

                As such, no browser will protect you. It is up to you to be careful about what you load. Always read EULAs (End User License Agreements), if they're over long, or written in legalise, the chances are they're trying to foist something onto you.

                Secondly, Firefox like any other browser has its vulnerabilities. Be careful when a dialogue box appears asking you to authorise an extension to help you see all available content on a page, this can be used as a means to download crud onto you. Also be careful of Java applets and javascript applications, which can work in Firefox the same way as Active X applications do in IE.

                Apply a little common sense. Do you know and trust the site you're on. Do you really need to see the particular page item, or download the particular application.

                Lastly, there are no majic applications for removing spyware. Ad-aware and Spybot are good tools, but even combined they only scan for about 50% of known spyware. Even the best combinations of Spyware removers (Paid for or Freeware) remove 70% of it. Hijackthis was mentioned earlier as a useful tool, and it is, in skilled hands. But in unskilled hands it can totally foul up your system, so must always be used with expert advise.

                For anyone with a spyware problem that auto tools have failed to remove, and need help, try one of the following forums, where expert advice will be given.

                Last edited by Gary Richardson; 06-16-2005, 01:07 AM.


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                  Well I downloaded and installed the latest JAVA and housecall worked fine.. Almost sadly not a virus to be found.

                  but then because I've kept returning to my restore points before installing Items on the list I mention earlier the computer has barely grazed the internet.

                  I downloaded JAVA 1st , stored it on Partition "D" then returned my computer to the latest restore point before installing JAVA ... then made a new (not permanant) restore point to see if I run into any unwanted effects from it.

                  I suppose it may sound like I am tooting my own horn here but I tell myself I am really trying to make my method clear. It really is so nice to have a Fresh, usefull restore point to return to whenever I just feel the urge... even after only a couple of weeks of normal use before I "RestoreIT" there is a noticable speed up. Even shut downs happen quickly.

                  Now on the JAVA... anyone know the skinny on it ? seems like a few years ago I remember vunerabilities.... but that was then ... also what is missed without it? I saw quite a few blank spots where I had supposed animated advertisements resided while surfing the internet before JAVA ... will these slow down load times on my phone modem ?

                  I haven't noticed anyone mention " Shoot the messenger " A very small tool that permantly stops popups. Seems our friends at MS left something on that need not be.


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                    Hi Rondon,

                    Having Java loaded should not slow you up to any marked degree, but it could potentially leave you open to certain exploits. However, without it certain Applet run applications cannot be viewed, so its a judgement call on utility versus security.

                    Shoot the Messenger is a utility used to shut down the Messenger Service on Windows systems (not to be confused with Microsoft Messenger the P2P programme). This is a service enabling network administrators to send messages to clients on a network. Unless you are part of a network, it is of no use to you.

                    Spammers found a way of using it to send pop-up messages to your PC. The service can be shut down manually by the following.

                    Control Panel/Performance & Maintenance/Administrative Tools/Services

                    Scroll down to Messenger, double click on it to open the config window.
                    Now set Startup Type to Disable, and Service Status to Stop. Click OK to confirm settings, and exit out.


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                      A shootout with my "Shoot the Messenger" ?

                      Control Panel/Performance & Maintenance/Administrative Tools/Services

                      This is what Platform ? Windows XP ?

                      Shoot the Messenger works with Windows NT/2000/XP

                      The file size is 22kb (not a misprint)

                      maybe I just like it because of the name chosen but it's a one click deal and you never see it again.... or those Pop-ups. nice to have in the little folder where I keep Security software.
                      Last edited by rondon; 06-16-2005, 10:32 AM.


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                        Sorry, yes thats for XP.

                        Shoot the Messenger is certainly the easier way.

                        Just thought I'd give a little info on what it does, and why.


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                          actually, that method wont completely work for killing microsoft messenger. if you're also using outlook or outlook express as your email client, it will re-enable messenger in your services list. now, that may have changed since service pack 2, i dont know; i dont use sp2. i know, i had this happen regularly until i found the cure.

                          and the cure is, you have to edit one of the messenger files to change the 'HIDE's in it to a blank, then uninstall it completely using the add/remove software app in control panel. otherwise it will just keep re-appearing when using outlook express.



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                            different pop up ?

                            are you talking about the chat ... microsoft messenger craig? whole different thing.


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                              as Rondon has pointed out you're talking about Microsoft Messenger which is shut down using another method if you don't want it.

                              If you read my first post, you will see I explain the difference between this, and the Messenger service which is used as a Spam exploit.


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                                my bad, i mis-spoke. i am talking about the messenger service and not msn messenger. so, anywhere i said 'microsoft messenger', i meant the microsoft messenger service.

                                and thanks.



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