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    I use Outlook Express, and I've never had the Messenger service re-enable. I have SP2 though, so perhaps it is as you say, a pre SP2 thing. Thanks for the info, sorry for any misunderstanding.


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      the mistake was mine. also, i looked this thing up again. it's been a while since i disabled it. it was 'Windows Messenger'. so, if i've still got the thing wrong and you guys are talking about something else, i'll go stick my head in the sand and quit interrupting

      and if we are talking about windows messenger, in outlook express, under tools, options and then the 'general' tab', there is a line with a checkbox that says 'Automatically log on to Windows Messenger'. if you unchecked this box so that you wouldnt automatically log on, it would still log you on each time you started up outlook express, even if you had disabled the service in the services list and this is why i originally had to get rid of the thing altogether.

      yes, it could have just been my machine and a few others. i know others had it too, since i found a fix for it online, before the 'kill the messenger' program was written. it could also have been fixed with later critical updates, but more likely it's something they added in the fixes with service pack 2.



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        Hi Craig,

        Windows messenger is different from the Messenger Service. I know, its very confusing, Microsoft obviously lacked any inspiration when they named things.

        As I said earlier, Messenger is a service, and is used solely for passing messages from a system administrator to clients on a network. It can be exploited though to give pop up spam.

        For the vast majority of home users, it can be safely disabled using the methods described earlier by Rondon and myself.

        To stop Windows Messenger auto starting in XP, try using the Registry Fix found here.
        Last edited by Gary Richardson; 06-17-2005, 01:08 PM.


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          lol. ok, i stand corrected again. i was talking windows messenger. and yes, it is a bit confusing at times... windows messenger, messenger service, msn messenger, internet explorer, windows explorer, explorer (your desktop)...bleh.

          to make amends, here's a great site for helping folks understand what they do and dont need in windows: . the gent that runs that site has a lot of help on all the services, what they are and what you dont need for your situational use.


          edit: well, i'll be darned. the site is down or someone else has grabbed the domain name or blackviper is moving to a new site. not quite sure. would be a shame if he's closed up shop.

          edit 2: ok, here's a link to a cached version of his site. i dont know if all the links will work from there, but the main services table is there:
          Last edited by Craig Walters; 06-17-2005, 01:37 PM.


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            Hi Craig,

            Yes, Black Viper's site has been down for a while now. I've read somewhere that his site is currently being ghosted while work on his new site is in progresss, but can't find the article at the moment, so can't remember by who. If I find it, I'll post a link here.

            Still can't find the Black Viper ghost site, but for anyone wanting information on services, try here
            Last edited by Gary Richardson; 06-18-2005, 01:49 AM.


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              Come across a security vulnerability to Firefox when using tabbed browsing.
              If you are on a Secure site (eg Online Banking) and you have a rogue site open on another tab, it is possible for the rogue site to execute script on the secure site.

              Admittedly this is likely to be a rare occurence, but.

              Remedy is to make sure that all other tabs and windows on Firefox are closed when inputting critical data such as passwords, credit card numbers etc.


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                Thanks Gary!

                I used to Open my Bank accounts, eBay & Paypal in Tabs all the time... Thanks for the tip


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                  You're welcome.


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