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  • Impressive Free Filters

    Check out the link listed below for some remarkable, and free, filters. In addition to these there is a lot of good info to boot. Some is fairly technical but is presented in such a way as to make it fairly easy to understand. What type of filters are these? Sharpening, blurring, rank replace and a few others. See attachment for example of what 2 passes of the rank replace 8 step filter can do. I've been playing with these for a couple of days and while there is a learning curve to them, they are impressive. ( Filters are found by clicking the second from the bottom tab at left of screen entitled "Filter formula/ATS filters--there are 2 set works with 8 and 16 bit images the other works with 8 bit only...get them all. Some of the 8 bit only are more adjustable than their 16 bit counterparts.) Happy filtering, Tom

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    Bookmarked that one for future reference. Thanks Tom. Haven't the time to get into it but I will definately check it out soon. Looks like a good source.


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