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    ok, now here's a bit of an odd one. i was poking around in some of my old software and found Photoshop 5 LE. the LE stands, apparently for Light Edition. i apparently got this quite a while back when i bought a Maxtor harddrive or something and it came as a complimentary copy. in looking at this thing it said compatible with win95 or winNT 4 or better. hehe, yeah, you see where i'm going. it even has a serial number to input during the install.

    well, i wasnt sure, but i gave it a shot and tried to install it. i'm running win XP home. believe it or not, it installed! and, it runs! hehe, now this just tickled me. it even says on the package that i can register it and upgrade. ok, i havent gone quite that far yet. but i'm curious; does anyone think this would still be valid? and, if valid, would it actually be possible to upgrade to something better from the LE 5 version at this late date? and if it wouldnt update to CS would it update to something less, like 7 and then take 7 to CS?

    i know the ultimate answer is to just give it a shot and see what happens; that only Adobe is going to be able to truly answer those questions. at any rate, i thought i'd put it out there.

    also, in running this version, i called up my glamour contest entry just to see what things looked like. i also called up psp 7 with the same image. i was somewhat surprised to find that there were differences in the looks of the two images. the photoshop version was a fair amount lighter than the psp one. and the pixelation seemed lighter, less noisy. i found that quite interesting also. i suppose this could be somewhat from the version of PS i'm running here and that it was made for computers and graphic cards quite a few years back, but i'm curious, is anyone else running a later version of PS and psp and have you ever done comparisons like this and noticed anything similar? i also understand to some extent that this might be a color profiling thing, PS to PSP and that they just might handle things differently. but it got me wondering, how are others seeing my images that i produce in psp and those folks are viewing them in PS? i'm beginning to see what all the fuss is about with calibration and profiles and color profiles and rgb to cmyk and lab and so on.

    so, it would seem my journey in learning expands once!


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    Check the Adobe store. They list the upgrade from LE to CS2, including a free book if you order soon. Not cheap, though.

    As for the pixelizing, make sure you are comparing both at 100% zoom. At other than 100%, they are likely to be different, depending on how the programs average pixels for zoomed screen display.


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      It may depend on where you are located also ... I had V5 LE thrown in when I bought a Nikon Digital camera some years ago ..

      Tried to upgrade to CS here in Australia only to be told you could not upgrade from V5 LE ..

      Ended up biting the bullet and bought a full version ...


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        thanks, andrew!

        boy, $500. and that's a download version. for another $100 i could get the full boxed version. from what i can tell from that link and subsequent links, this 'download manager' from their store would want to install itself and then run and download the upgrade and install it. that would mean i would have no other copy as a backup shld something go wrong on my machine. cant have that. gotta have a backup on cd or somewhere for re-installs when needed. ah well. it was a thought. but, thanks

        as for the zoom and pixelization, i'll check that. i normally catch that when working in psp, but didnt even think about it when comparing the two. thanks



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          ok, just checked e-bay. looks like that's the way to go. full versions of CS2 eligible for registration and updates seem to be going for around $350.

          i also just re-checked those same images on ps and psp and there is a distinct lightness showing in ps over psp. the pixelation does seem to have been due to a less than 100% zoom, though.



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            Originally posted by Kraellin
            also, in running this version, i called up my glamour contest entry just to see what things looked like. i also called up psp 7 with the same image. i was somewhat surprised to find that there were differences in the looks of the two images.
            I had a similar problem, but it was between PS and every other imaging software I tried (I don't have PSP). See how your entry looks in Irfanview (free), your browser, Windows Media Player, etc. You can right-click on the jpg and select "Open with ...".

            I reasoned that it could not be my monitor calibration because the monitor stayed the same; only the software changed. Wrong! I wasted a lot of time trying to fix this until I proofed with "Monitor RGB". That gave me the same image look in PS as in other software. Aha! This was not normal: sRGB (my working color space), Windows RGB and monitor RGB should all be similar (I think; correct me people if I'm wrong please).

            I had managed to miscalibrate my monitor. I got confused by Samsung's gamma calibration instructions the first time. The part to set each color channel's gamma is clear, but the next screen is a pair of before and after pictures with a curve to set; there are also suggested presets for games, and other applications. I couldn't make sense of that so I just set the overall gamma to please myself. The second time I made the curve as close to a 45-degree straight line as possible. That seems to work.

            After the manufacturer's procedure, I reran Adobe's and, finally, online calibration via Vikki's link (it's in a sticky thread in the contest forum). So far so good. When I click on the contest entry I uploaded, Firefox shows me almost the same thing as PS did.

            I hope that helps.



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              just checked e-bay. looks like that's the way to go. full versions of CS2 eligible for registration and update
              Well, good luck with that. I've read posts from people who ended up with unregisterable software that way. But also people to got legit used copies.

              i also just re-checked those same images on ps and psp and there is a distinct lightness showing in ps over psp
              Are LE or PSP using color management?


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                psp is using sRGB color space and LE seems to be using something called 'color picker: photoshop. interpolation: bicubic'. that could be the difference. i'm not too worried about it. it's not like i'm going to be using LE for a lot of things, and most likely anything i did work on in it would then be ported back to psp for a final look.

                if and when i do get a more modern PS i'll make another comparison.




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                  actually, i shld comment on my findings on e-bay. you DO want to read the fine print on anything like this you might buy at e-bay. there are some blatant piracy things going on there. one example was a guy from canada selling the PS CS (or CS2, i forget) trial version and a program that would convert the trial version to a full version. to me, that's piracy.

                  others were selling a combo of ps 6 or 7 along with the upgrade version to CS or CS2. that one seemed like a gray area to me, but if i could go out to a used software shop and buy ps7 and then go to adobe and buy the upgrade for $149, i dont see a lot of difference.

                  a couple others i saw were 'archival/backup' copies being sold. at least one of these was from the U.K. and the person claimed that U.K. law made this ok. apparently, they are simply making copies themselves and selling them. not sure how they got around the key code/serial number thing, though.

                  a number of the offers also had things like 'we'll show you how to alter this so that it can be installed'. and some you wanted to be sure you understood that you couldnt register it, but that you could install and use it AND get updates from adobe. those smelled of piracy to me.

                  you also want to make sure you buy your region's version and that the region version is clearly stated in the ad.

                  i did find one that looked legitimate and the bid was at $100. the seller had a good reputation and claimed that this was his personal copy. it had the original box and manual and that the copy had never been registered. one clue on these e-bay ads is do they have the original box, manual and so on. a lot of the gray area ads will say this is only the cd with no box. you can also get a clue from the length of time of the auction. the gray area guys all want a very quick turnaround and are reposting the same ads on a daily basis. so, their auction time is almost always 1 day only. the one legit ad i saw was a 7 day auction, which i think is more tyical of private offerings. another clue is how long has the person been registered on e-bay as a seller. a number of the gray area ads i saw were registered for barely a month or maybe as long as 6 months. the one legit ad i saw had been registered since 2003 or so and had over 70 sales with a good rep.

                  you definitely want to go into e-bay with a cautious mind and a wary eye.


                  edit: oh, one other clue to suspicious ads is payment method. most of the gray ads want instant payment through something like paypal and wont accept any other payment method.

                  no single thing adds up to a gray ad, but when you factor in a lot of those characteristics showing up in one place, be careful!


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