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Things changed here with Firefox

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  • Things changed here with Firefox

    Well, I was having so many problems with my e-mail and browser my isp along with several people around her suggested Firefox. I downloaded it and now the face of this forum changed as well.

    The background was black , now it comes up grey and when I click on the box to the left giving us options for areas to go to , it flickers and takes forever? Anyone have any idea what happened? I was using IE before this.


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    Yep, does the same for me as well in ff 1.0.6

    maybe the following ?!?!?



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      Hi Neb,

      Yes the grey bg seems to be a symptom of browsing here with Firefox, though only on the "Welcome" screen for me (the forum bgs are black).
      However, I don't have any problems with delay in accessing forums.

      You could always fit the IE view plug-in for Firefox. This allows you to open sites with IE simply by right clicking, it can also be set to open a trusted site (like RP) with IE every time you visit. That way you have the security of Firefox for other sites, and the convenience of IE for here.

      Download it from
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        Originally posted by sinope
        Yep, does the same for me as well in ff 1.0.6

        maybe the following ?!?!?

        This is what I got at the above site, doesn't matter to me, I go straight to the forum.

        W3C CSS Validator Results for

        To work as intended, your CSS style sheet needs a correct document parse tree. This means you should use valid HTML.
        URI :

        * Line: 24 Context : BODY

        Parse Error - [empty string]
        * Line: 25 Context : BODY

        Parse Error - [empty string]

        URI :

        * Line : 24 Property scrollbar-base-color doesn't exist for media
        * Line : 25 Property scrollbar-arrow-color doesn't exist for media


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