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  • Noise Reduction Filters

    Doug reciently did a great review of a noise reduction/addition filter named "Grain Surgery". I am wondering what others are in use by folks here and how you like them. Tom

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    Well I am able to get back on line, my old computer just quit so I had to get a new one, which came with Windows XP which I am trying to learn as I use it.

    I use Larry Lueck's E-10NR actions for Photoshop 6.0. Has five levels of noise reduction, works real well for me.


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      Hey George, welcome back. I had the same problem and am also getting used to the XP version of Windows on a new PC.

      Can you give us a review of Larry Lueck's actions and where you got them, how much they cost etc.? I've never heard of them and would like to know some more about them.


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        I lost the information on the site where I downloaded the action, but I have a copy of the action that I can e-mail to you. It was free.

        The action was designed for noise reduction in the E-10 camera, but I find that it works well on any type image. There are five levels of noise reduction from smallest amount of clean up to cleaning it all up. I started using it to clean up the noise I got when I scanned in images from negatives, then really started using it to correct noise in digital camera images.

        It is easy to use, just load picture go to actions and select the level of noise reduction you want and it does all the rest.

        When I first started I used the lowest amount and then reverted the image back, used the next level, reverted back and etc, until I could understand how much the reduction in each level effected the sharpness of the image.

        I also got an edge sharpener action to work with the noise reduction one. After running the noise reduction I run the edge sharpener to restore the edges and improve the overall sharpness of the image.

        If you want to try the action send me an E-mail where you want the action sent to and I will send you a copy attached to a E-mail.