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Buzz pro plugin and PhotoartMaster standalone

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  • Buzz pro plugin and PhotoartMaster standalone

    I've been playing with these two a plugin for PS and I believe a few other image processing programs, the other a stand alone application, and have been intending to write a review, but, frankly, I am still a bit bewildered by them. Now, there is nothing wrong with them. Both create exceptional "art" or cartoon type work from photos and are quick and easy to learn and use.The trouble is...I am not an artist, have little to no artistic talent and consequently have little knowledge of how to make these programs really sing, which in the right hands I know they could. Briefly, Buzz Pro is the plugin. It works well in PS, never crashing the program or doing odd things. It is not exceptionally fast but does produce exceptional results. PhotoartMaster is the stand alone program and is far more powerful...think of it as a combination painting -with-the-history/art history brush type of thing. Awesome. But, not for the artistically me. Going to the following link, you can( if you are like me) pick up a free plugin called "simplifier" which does about 50% of what the high powered programs I mentioned do.

    For the artists out there go to the following link and check out the Segmentis web site...there you will find examples and better explinations. One drawback to PhotoartMaster is that it only works with JPEG least for now.

    To close, I must say that these two programs from Segmentis are powerful and have worked well for me. Someone with a backgroung in traditional painting/drawing could do wonders with PhotoartMaster while with the plug in, Buzz Pro, anyone can be a cartoonist..of sorts. As to any application for retouching/restoration...I doubt it. But, they are fun to play with. Tom

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    Thanks for the cool links Tom. I actually had run across the first link and thought it pretty cool but at the time I couldn't see a need in the restoration business as you said and I was mostly geared toward that typed software unless it was free. Great reviews though.


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      They both turned out great, Chuck! I especially like the effect on the house.



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        Click HERE for the best review I've seen on PhotoArtMaster. (Written by Sue Chastain, from's Graphics forums.)

        It seems to be quite an impressive program.

        Nice pics, Chuck. Thanks for bringing this thread back to life.



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          Both are great.

          Photo artmaster and buzz pro are great and I believe certainly could and are used in all aspects of photo restoration and digital manipulation.
          The other site you gave has some interesting effects but nothing close to what these 2 can accomplish in my opinion.


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            Very impressive.

            I know you've only had the demo for a day or so... how would you assess the ease of use?


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              Holy cow... These are pretty slick, Chuck.

              I predict you'll have a new toy in your arsenal in the near future. Thx for the assessment thoughts.


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                Looks like you are off to an excellent start. Much better than I did when I tried out PhotoartMaster. I hope to see more pictures from you, as you have time.


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                  Re: Buzz pro plugin and PhotoartMaster standalone

                  I have started a new thred about ArtMaster (Pro) and finally found this thread. I hope to link the new one with this one by inserting the URL to the new one. I have questions about the now defunct BuzzX and ArtMaster Pro. Liike I have them but cannot find my serial numbers. I knpw that I had them but after changing hard drives, etc I can no longer operate these./ If I only had a serial number I could be operational.

                  See my memo here:


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                    Re: Buzz pro plugin and PhotoartMaster standalone

                    hi gunner,

                    if you have the old harddrive still and if on that harddrive, one of the partitions was your boot/windows drive, then it will still have the old registry within (or shld). if that is the case, you may be able to recover your old serial numbers from the old registry. this is where most of the encrypted passwords like that would be stored. find the place in the registry where this is and simply copy that over to your new/existing registry and it shld work.... should, maybe, possibly, if you're lucky


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                      Re: Buzz pro plugin and PhotoartMaster standalone

                      Thank you for that Kraellin. But no joy in Mudville. I looked where that would be on my Mac and it wasn't there. Re-initialising took care of it I suppose.

                      I wish that since it is no longer available that someone could come up with a way to unlock these things. I know that the person who did this application stated "There is no life after death" in reference top this very problem but there are a whole lot of people out there who would love to be able to uswe this great application. Or the othger one Buzz or BuzzX for the MAC. SIGH


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