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    I thought this might be a good place for you to add any interesting tidbits about XP since it's becoming more popular. Maybe you've found something that won't be easily noticed by others? Disclaimer: I have a new computer coming with XP, so the little goodies (or quirks) that come with it would be of interest to me. My current computer has been giving me headaches by freezing up, and just acting weird for some time. So I finally gave in.


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    Just one tidbit to share. I can't say why this happened but when Dave was installing some hardware upgrades such as another hard drive, CD rewriter and ram, we got a warning from Windows XP that there were some corupt files. It commensed to erase them of it's own accord. That turned out to be all my Photoshop work and several client photo files. Big mistake not backing them up first and totally my fault for the loss. But it happened and I can't even say why but just make sure you back up first before doing any upgrades. Other than that problem and who knows why it even occured but all has been fine and things have been running smoothly. Good luck and let us know how your new machine works out for you. You know we love those new toys.


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      DJ - what a nightmare losing all those files. I dread it and am happy to say that one of the items winging its way up from SA is a CD writer, which will be put into hard labour immediately it arrives! Seems like a good way of archiving one's files.

      Sorry, Ed - I don't have anything to say about XP. Just thought I'd butt in there.

      Carry on ...


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        I like XP so far. The one thing I would note here is that if you have any particular program or hardware device you like, say a digital camera, you may want to make sure that it is compatible before switching to XP. Pretty much most hardware/software vendors have added XP drivers and patches to their web sites, but not all... and some are just now developing drivers and patches for XP. This is something to think about. The XP home page has a site that lists what hardware, software etc. is compatible with XP. Typically most companies have updated XP drivers, but you may own the one that doesn’t.


        Windows Catalog


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          I have only been using it for 5 days now, my old computer crashed and I had to get a new one, it came with XP. I thought that I would not like it, been using 98SE for so long. After a few days I now like it better than 98SE. I really like the XP My Pictures program. Another feature I really like is that if a program your running crashes or locks up, it only affects that program, XP will close out that program and the computer continues to operate normally, no need for reboots. It also has a built in recovery and restore system to take you back to the last good working configuration if every needed. I have ordered a few books to help me become more familiar with the operation system, will let you know if I find any extra or interesting functions.


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            I concur with everything said so far, it was the easiest OS install I've ever done and its been running smoothly since with not one GPF. I used to reckon a couple of weeks to get a new OS running smoothly but not with XP.
            I've deliberately tried to crash it with one or two progs known to bring 98 down in flames but to no avail. The integral cd burning software is handy for quick backups. No complaints apart from the cartoon style 'skin' but thats easily changed. I've installed several programs not specifically intended for XP but apart from a 'proceed at your peril' warning they've run fine and by now there seems to be XP patches for most things.


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              Just a couple of tips from the "Dummies" book:

              Before you add new software or hardware, go to "System Restore" and make a restore point (snapshot). Then do your thing. If there's a problem, you can revert back to just before installation.

              Do you have an older program that doesn't want to co-operate with XP? Right click on it's icon, select "properties", click "compatibility" tab. A list of previous Windows versions will pop up. Select the proper version from the list. You might be able to fool the program into thinking it's working under that version of Windows.



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                Thanks good information to know. Each day I get a little more familiar with XP.


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                  Wish I'd known that before the disaster. Thanks Ed. Very valuable info.


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                    I'm not sure if that would help with the photo files or not. It might only revert the necessary files to run properly. That would be good to find out.



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                      From what I have been able to determine it will restore the files necessary to run XP, that is drivers, DLL's and etc. It will not restore image files, data files and etc. That was why I was trying to get GoBack loaded so I could restore those type of files if needed. Now I will just have to be more careful.

                      The system restore is a grest feature, sure can save you a lot of time, by restoring to a known working configuration. It automatically marks good configurations but like you pointed out it would be a wise move to mark your own starting point before loading new software, hardware, or updates.


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                        Hooray!!! Some how XP must have squirreled those files away in a file called Found 000. Don't know how or why but all I know is I recovered all those erased files. Can't even say if it has it's own "snapshot" recovery but I did notice in those files listed, besides my missing photo files, there were registry files and some called snapshot was among several of them. Who knows, who cares, I am just tickled pink. It was purely accidental that I happened to stumble accross them. Just thought I would let you all know because I had mentioned loosing them in my earlier posts.


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                          Wow! That's GREAT news DJ!! I'm about ready to go out a buy XP. My machine is acting more and more strange and I cannot afford to lose any info I've got on here right now. (Well, I don't think I could ever afford to lose info, but right now is an especially critical time.) I backed up my system last night, but am still freaking out with the strange happenings going on in my computer. Not that I have time to do a clean install right now, but I guess it's better to take time to do it now than lose everything when I least expect it!


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                            Had to use the system restore. I downloaded some updates from Microsoft windows site for XP, one being a update for HP ScanJet scanners. I did this a few days ago and every program I used open the generic window for the scanjet and I could not shut them down.

                            Used the system restore to go back to a time prior to that and it reloaded to that time, restarted and every thing back working normally. As expected it also reverted a softwarte program I had installed to an earlier version. I had to reinstalled the update for that program, otherwise everything worked normally.

                            Once I get everything running the way I want, I will mark my own restore point, that way I will know the configuration if I want to restore.

                            If anyone else is going to down load the new updated HP ScanJet driver from the windows update page for XP, you might want to create a restore point, in case you have a similiar problem with the update you can go back to a configuration you know.


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                              I know how you feel about the clean install especially when you have alot of stuff on your PC. We had to reinstall everything after reinstalling XP and that's not an easy task.
                              I was thrilled to find all those files. We were so sure they got deleted for being corupt. I think I need to get myself a dummies book like Ed suggested so I can better understand what happens to things when they go wrong. I am so computer illiterate when it comes to the inner workings. I just like to do my thing with no problems and that's that. Anything goes wrong and I'm lost. Lucky I have a live in fix it man but I notice even he gets stumped sometimes. There is just so many things that can go wrong and usually do. Then it's like finding a needle in a hay stack trying to locate the problem.

                              Good advice, thanks. Guess we're not the only ones learning the ins and outs of XP. However, I have to say it's still a big improvement over earlier additions.


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