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Windows XP and GoBack 3

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  • Windows XP and GoBack 3

    Just as information for any one else who is going to be loading GoBack on their computer running Windows XP I experienced the following.

    Tried to install my GoBack 3 software on Windows XP, it would not load. Went to Roxio web site, downloaded the new software for Windows XP, loaded it, but when it rebooted the computer to finish the installation, computer would not restart. Instead I got a black screen with a message Master Boot Record Error.

    I was able to disable GoBack and the computer restarted. I uninstalled the GoBack 3 for Windows XP software. Contacted Roxio to get information about the problem, but got referred to pay for support telephone number which was going to cost almost as much as the software. Decided to not install GoBack on this computer since it appears that XP has good recovery and restore built in.

    This is the first software I tried to load on Windows XP that gave me a problem.

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    Try this site George............


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      Thanks Chris

      I tried that site and the one at Sygate, computer is secure. Just was trying to get a means of recovering any data or files that might get deleted off my hard drive by mistake. The new XP recovery and restore works as well as GoBack in reference to restoring or recoverying the computer operation files, but will not recover individual files like photos and data.

      I will just have to be more careful when I delete things and hope the new crash program in XP will help keep me from losing any files or open data.


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        I suppose the integral burning software makes it easier to archive quickly without opening extra programs.


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          I'm curious how you managed to disable GoBack when your computer wouldn't boot?
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            When it rebooted to finish the installation and I got the black screen and error message. I shut the computer down and turned it on again, got same thing, when I turned it on a second time and the GoBack screen came up I pressed the space bar, which opened the GoBack revert menu. I selected disable GoBack and then tried to continue, it allowed the computer to by pass the GoBack program and load normally. I immediately took it off my computer.

            Was a little nervious when I got the first black screen and error message, second one did not help how I was feeling, but felt good when it started after disabling GoBack.


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              Thanks for mentioning that George. For what it's worth, before I started having problems, I downloaded GoBack3. I'm not saying that had anything to do with my problems, but GoBack was not able to get my computer working properly by reverting back even though a good history date was available. I have no idea why, as others have mentioned how the program saved them more than once. I'm getting ready to post a tip for the system recovery on XP in the "Windows XP" thread if you're interested.