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    Hi all,
    I have a cousin with an old computer and not much knowledge of them. She has her pictures put on cd and sends huge files.....she asked for my advice and I don't know what to tell her so thought I would ask you guys. Is there a downloadable free/share ware simple program for making files smaller/converting? Or what program could she buy that is very very very easy and doesn't have many extras...just the bare minimum or she will be lost. She just wants to send pictures of her kids, doesn't care about doing them up...just needs to send in small file size. Thanks for any advice.

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    I don't know of any programs specifically for that purpose. I *might* have a CD around here with Photo Deluxe that has never been registered. If you want, I'll look around (although I might not have one), and send it to you or her if she wants it. Somebody might as well get some use out of it (if I still have it).



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      This sounds like a job for IrfanView, if she runs Windows. It's free. There's a thread about it here in the software forum.
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        Thank you both!
        Ed your very kind to offer your photodeluxe, (if you have It would be great for her to learn the easier version of photoshop! (It is a version of photoshop?) She has 3 kids and ohhhh so many photo's to share!
        Doug thank you for that link! I must have missed that thread... I downloaded for myself and am so excited to try it out but thought I should write my thanks before I play with the new toy. I am going to have my cousin try to download (she is in another state so I can just walk her thru) She said she doesn't have much memory so may not work. (it did for me though)
        All of you that share your knowledge, a big thank you from me here in Washington State....I love this site


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          You're welcome. I have Photodeluxe 3.0 for Windows. If she wants it, send me either a physical address for you or her, and I'll get it sent off.



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            I sent you a note to your private email from the profile section, I hope it comes thru ok. Thanks so much Ed!


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              You're welcome. I'll check it out.



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                Hey all,

                Doug is right on the irfanview...I downloaded it last year some time and it has been a life saver as well as a time saver.

                Recomend all add it to their desktop as an additional tool for working with image formats and sizing.

                Just had to stop from all my thread reading and type something somewhere....

                Back to my reading.