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  • embroidery software

    Hi there,
    I am looking for an avordable embroidery digitizing program.

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    Google came up with this.

    I haven't a clue about evaluation or price, so it would be best if you did your own search.



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      What kind of embroidery??

      Are you talking about machine embroidery? or crosstitch? or something else?

      There are a couple of apps that will turn a photo into a grid that could be used for crossstitch if that's what you want.

      For machine embroidery, that's pretty much specific to your sewing machine.



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        If you just want to simulate, I've developed an Impressionist preset that can give results like this. If you want a program (and not cheap, but cool), then check out this program. It actually is a true simulation and gives (from what I can tell anyway) pretty cool results.


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          Making an assumption, I had a logo that was Sumi [ no idea if the spelling is right], painted. When we had our first Logo done as embroidery, we had 8000 stitches. Today that is nothing.

          Today they scan the artwork and play with it in PS or other. Then it loads right to the machines, done, next please.


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