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  • Plugins..Actions

    I need help with some Plugins and Actions I downloaded. Might be a dumb question and maybe too late but will ask know so new to photoshop.

    In psp I open the program and download in the plugins folder. Because I did not if this works the same in photoshop I have just downloaded them to my documents as did not know if actions were the same as plugins?? I downloaded charcoal , DeCrack, Caricature . Can someone please explain the difference between plugins and actions, if any, and give me instructions on where to put them for use in photoshop. Thanks Nebgranny

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    I have a Mac and use PhotoshopCS I put them in the PhotoshopCS/Presets/Photoshop Actions

    After they are in the right directory, you have to load the actions. go to window/Actions then click the little arrow next to the action menu and go down to load action.
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      An actiion is a macro were you can record all the steps you do to acheive an effect.

      Have a look at this.


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        Thank you so much for all the help and information. I have placed the actions in the proper place and then loaded them. I then watched the tutorial which is so good...I will need to watch it several times but it is at the right pace and so visual for a person who learns best with visual parts along with instructions. Again you have been a GREAT help and I appreciate all your effort.!! Neb


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