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  • Raw test target

    More of a theoretical task than anything else, but I can envision some real usefulness for this:

    Can anyone think of a way to make an ideal (ie: perfect) test target as a Raw file? Photographing a test target won't work, it needs to be some way to make a perfect target (via Photoshop or some other way) and exporting as a Raw file (and Save As...Photoshop RAW won't work, that's a different kind of raw).

    So, a perfect (ie: 0,0,0 0,0,255 0,255,0 255,0,0 128,128,128 etc.) file that opens in Camera Raw. Can it be made (or has it already been made)?
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    In an article 'Understanding Digital Raw Capture' on Adobe's website I read the following: 'When you shoot raw, the only on-camera settings that have an effect on the captured pixels are the ISO speed, the shutter speed, and the aperture. Everything else is under your control when you convert the raw...
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