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  • XML invalid

    Hi Everyone.

    I have found an oilpainting program that I can’t get running.

    It’s here

    I’ve created a folder C:\oilpainter
    And in it I’ve created a batch file, C:\oilpainter\Painter.bat

    The batch file contains

    cd C:\oilpainter\Painter.bat
    painter image14

    But when I run it it says invalid xml file.

    Can anyone help please.


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    Ken, seems from what I read on this page you need to generate a XML file to contain all the parameters that the program is going to need to process the image.
    The program uses XML scene files as configuration......XML files are assumed to be in proper syntax, and all required elements are included to properly generate a scene.
    Shame he doesn't give some sort of example file to give us a jump start.


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      Thanks for your interest Rô.

      I have studied that page long and hard.

      There are some sample XML files in the download. If you download
      Oil Painter Program (1.21 MB) it contains a sample image (image14.bmp)
      And a sample XML file (bmp.xml)

      But this is where my problem is, as it is their sample XML file that is causing the invalid xml bmp error.

      I hope you can find time to take another look at this.



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        OK, Ken, got it now!

        The file that comes after the Painter command must be the XML file, which will specify what the program should do.
        The file you put there was the image ("image 14") and not the XML file. If you open the file "bmp.xml" you'll see that it is in this file that the input image is specified.
        So... your command line should be "painter bmp.xml" - works fine.

        1) This XML file will generate a new file "foliageoil" with the result;
        2) Don't change windows while you wait - I did some bank work while it was thinking and ended up with a screenshot of the bank transaction!;
        3) When I first tried to run it, there were two dll's missing (MSVCP70 and MSVCR70). Fortunately a quick Google turns them up for free download.


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          Thanks Rô.

          Yes. I missed the .XML extension.

          So the Batch file just needs to be

          painter bmp.xml

          And the rest is controlled by the settings in the xml file.

          I don’t know if you spotted my other post ‘Java Class Files’. The results from that were great but there was no save (apart from a screenshot). At least this one has a save.

          Thanks again Rô for sorting that out. Now I’ll play with the settings and see what it can do.

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