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  • Handy organizer

    I learned of this program from Steve Gibson of Zone Alarm fame.
    It is called Vault and it is just a simple organizer. I keep it on my taskbar and when I am, for example, reading a tip here, I can just copy and paste it into vault.

    Here's a link if you want to check it out:

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    Looks interesting. Thanks.


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      Are you suggesting that I might need an organizer? Thanks for the tip. You oughta see my desk!



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        Yeah, that's my problem too Ed. If I print everything I end up with huge piles of paper.

        One thing I didn't mention is this uses virtually no resources so you can open it while using your graphics programs without any problems.

        There are probably a ton of programs like this. This is just one I use.



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          If it works as stated, it's got to be worth the small fee. I have tons of tips, etc. printed out. Trying to find one of them a week after printing is something to see!



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