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RIP for prepress proofing on a mac?

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  • RIP for prepress proofing on a mac?


    is anyone out there using a RIP with a mac to produce CMYK
    prepress proofs?? if so what rip are u using?

    i realise there is powerripx and an epson pro rip, but i dont anything
    about these or if there is a better solution...

    can anyone advise please........
    [want to run it on a epson r2400]


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    ianhhh. Hi and welcome aboard

    I've read a number of discussions since the advent of OSX about prepress software RIPS. There are several opinions.

    1. Converting a document to PDF at press resolutions is acceptable to many. They rely on the Application (usually Adobe Apps like InDesign) to handle color conversions.

    2. Going the full Distiller route, (saving file to disk as a PostScript (.PS) file and then running that through Adobe Acrobat to create a PDF) is preferred by others. They feel they get a better representation of any spot colors in the document. Also allows for things like PostScript fills and transparencies.

    3. GoScript printer driver (I think this can be found on Source Forge, but you can google it) is a faux PostScript Rip and seems to play well with most Applications.

    4. Invest in a true PostScript color printer.

    My Epson 900N inkjet does a pretty good job converting RGB to CMYK and dealing with vector images from FreeHand, InDesign and Illustrator, but sometimes it complains if I've used PMS gradients, PS fills or PS effects and transparencies from the vector drawing programs. Never a complaint from the Epson when printing from PhotoShop (any version).

    I tried both the old Bermy Rip and Epson's Power Rip, but with little satisfaction. I didn't feel either were well supported. I pay for a Fuji match print at my bureau service if I really need true (heavy) PostScript and spot color requirements.

    Hope this helps.


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      Been using Ghostscript for several years now.

      It's open source; mac version available too. You really need the viewer interface to get the most out of it, but it does do separations (I know; had to do so personally when I use to be part-owner of a printing business a while back).


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        As Art Director, when it is your neck on the line and for any big press run( =$$$$), your best bet is to get a "match print" directly from the printer. This should ALWAYS be in included in the bid. This way you know and the pressman knows what the outcome is supposed to be. The printers I have used to run four-color process, will not run a job without a match print (they also call them lam proofs), there is just too much money on the line. Also as just a sidenote, I have always found that spending the extra time to do the press checks myself has saved a lot of time and aggravation. Because you know your files, things will jump out at you that won't to the pressmen... if you can't, then at least get your salesman to take responsibility for that step. When I moved to CA, I still was using my OR printer, and they had no problem putting me up in a hotel for a couple of days if I decide to watch the run. When it comes to a 50+ page annual report, you better not have to reprint it!
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