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  • Color picker help

    I'm having a problem (I think) with the color picker.

    I'm using Katrin Eismann's new DVD "Image Restoration Repair and Enhancement" and have hit a snag. In the DVD she suggests using the color picker to select a 3x3 sample of the original sepia tone of an image and, to save it into your swatches. Later, once the image has been desaturated, she suggests choosing that color from your swatches to set it to your foreground color, then adding a solid color adjustment level to the image - it comes up defaulted to the color you have selected (the sepia). Next, she says to change the layer mode to color blend.

    I'm fine through this point.

    The problem comes when she suggests that if you need to adjust the color of your adjustment layer, you can double click on the color portion of the icon in your layer. This brings up the color picker. In the DVD her picker shows the full spectrum of RGB colors in the middle bar. In my color picker (after doing exactly as she says) my bar shows only a small fraction of the entire RGB color spectrum. As a result I can't change the adjustment layer to the color of my choosing.

    Here is a screencap:

    Here is a screen cap of her color picker:

    My question is how do i get my color picker to display the full spectrum of colors? I've tried rebooting to no avail.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    I notice Katrin's color picker is set to HSB, yours is RGB...jf


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      You have only one color (red) selected. Click Hue (H) instead.
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        Thanks for the help , but unfortunately I'm still confused.

        Select "Hue" where? In the color picker? I'm dense here.

        It's hard to get inflection across when typing - but I REALLY appreciate your help and I'd love it if you would perhaps indulge me and be a bit more explicit.

        Thanks again!


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          Never mind - I got it!

          God I'm dense....

          Thanks again so much for your graciousness and assistance!


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