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    One of the things that I a constantly asked to do, is to place an existing logo into a PageMaker 7 doc. Usually these pages have colored backgrounds, and the logo supplied is often not of sufficient DPI for print work, and usually has the ubiquitous white box around the logo. I have tried using PhotoShop 7's export transparent image, but this usually results in a very pixilated logo. I have FreeHand 9 (semi proficient), illustrator 10 (newbie), and PhotoShop 7 (newbie proficient). In some cases I have tried to recreate the logo, but trying to match fonts has always been a major hurdle. Does anyone have a way to make the background transparent, keep the dpi around 250 and in a manner that even a moron like me could fathom?

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    Not reliably and smoothly. Situations like this really call for custom vector editing (such as you'd do in Freehand or Illustrator). Even for the text.

    Logos really need to have a vector version available, anyway.
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      I second what Doug says. VECTOR!!

      I spent the day yesterday converting a logo done in Photoshop to vector format because it is going to be printed in spot color. The "designer" still doesn't grab the concept of the need for spot colors. He says everyone who has used it has accepted the Photoshop file. Yeah, and I've talked to three printers who have converted the logo to vector format by recreating (drawing) it in Illustrator or FreeHand.

      Fortunately the logo is pretty much font based and I had the font. The designer also added a color background behind the logo. Just a rectangle with an ivory color to simulate paper I guess, but my customer wanted it removed.

      I asked the designer if he had done a black and white version? His answer was, "Huh? Why?" People who call themselves "Graphic Designers" who don't have a clue about the printing process and customer's printing needs drive me up a wall!!!


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        Unless you're putting it on a website, logos shouldn't be in a bitmap format. As the others have said, a vector version is the only true way to go as it's resolution independent. If you don't have a vector version available, you'll have to manually recreate the logo in a vector editor (Corel Draw, Freehand, Illustrator, Xara). For the final product to be inserted into a DTP app (or other vector app), you'd want all fonts converted to curves/outlines (as you don't know if the person printing it would have that font) and while you could export the file to say an Illustrator, Freehand, or Draw file, export it instead to an EPS file for the most flexibility. Remember when importing EPS files, though, many applications have 2 versions of an EPS import filter - one that will "place" the file (this will just show you the low rez header but will print properly IF you print it to a postscript printer), and one that is "editable" (this would bring it in as an editable vector object and print well regardless of going to a postcript printer or not.


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