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  • Use of downloaded actions

    On the RetouchPro Adobe Photoshop tutorial/actions page


    there are several actions available for download. They are compressed text files.

    Could someone tell me how to convert these to PS6 action files?

    Last edited by DaveCreek; 02-11-2002, 02:51 PM.

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    How did you find that page? I didn't even know it existed. Can't help you on the txt to atn file other than I know you can save an action as a text file so maybe you can save the txt as an atn file. Have you tried?


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      Re how I found the page. I THOUGHT that when I went to the RetouchPro tutorial page yesterday that there was a link to a page named Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, and at the top of that page there was a link to an Actions page. However, when I went to verify that today it was missing. So I must have got there some other way.

      Re saving as an atn file. I don't know of a program that offers that option. Do you? Or anyone else?



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        I went there and looked. All the ones I looked at were zipped ATN files, which are action files, loaded like any other action file. I didn't check them all.
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          Problem solved, I think, but with an interesting twist.

          Since I'm using a Mac (with OS X as the operating system) I downloaded the .sea file. It should have been converted to an .atn file, but that didn't happen, even when double-clicking on it or opening it in Stuffit Deluxe.

          Since Doug didn't have a problem with the .zip files, I just downloaded the .zip version and it automaitcally unzipped to an .atn file. I then had no problem loading it into Photoshop. (Thanks for checking, Doug.)

          The only difference between the Mac and PC versions appears to be the compression method (sea vs. zip). I've tested the action and it works properly.

          I haven't been able to find a "reply" address to tell the Adobe Evangelists about the .sea problem, however.
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            Photoshop atn files

            I keep getting a 404 error when I try to access
            I am looking for some edge effects atn files for a mac version of PhotoShop. Anyone know of any good sites?


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              Hi Christo,
              I get the same error message. Maybe the site is no longer active because i did notice it was 2002.
              Sorry i couldn't help you more there, but i will try to check out some more sites for you.
              W. Rose (Wayne)


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                I did a search and this is one site i found on edge effects, but its seems a little pricey.

                W. Rose (Wayne)


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                  Scott Kelby's book Adobe Photoshop CS Down & Dirty Tricks shows how to do edge effects like the ones with this plug in. You could record your own actions from it, the effect is pretty easy to do.




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                    Originally posted by christo
                    I keep getting a 404 error when I try to access
                    I am looking for some edge effects atn files for a mac version of PhotoShop. Anyone know of any good sites?
                    Just checked. The link Dave posted was replaced by this one:

                    Regarding edge effects applied by actions, take a look here:


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