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    I recently read about a PhotoShop filter called Color Mechanic, so downloaded the trial version from and tried it out - it seems really effective for making colour adjustments to photos. Which is something we were discussing only yesterday (I think) on one of the Challenge threads.

    The full version costs around $30, or $50 for the posh version. Which seems a bit expensive for a filter, but then if one has a lot of colour correction to do, it might be worth it.

    Has anyone else used this filter? What do you think of it?

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    I have used it since it first came out. If you need to make a lot of color changes, then it is well worth the money. Very easy to use.



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      I downloaded it sometime back but never loaded it. I don't really like demos because they have a way of making you feel you can't live without it. I too thought that was a bit pricey for one filter so I am eager to hear about your experiences with it. Maybe a good review from both of you would be good. Give us the run down on it like pros and cons and how user friendly etc. I was intriqued by it or I wouldn't have downloaded it to begin with so I would be interested to read what you can say about it.


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        If it takes the guess work out of it, it just might be worth paying several thousand dollars for it. Color is hard for me.



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          Okay, Ed - I guess you've just volunteered yourself as Chief Researcher then!

          DJ - I rather agree with you about trial versions ... but then they do their job, don't they? Don't really want to fork out the cash unless I see some convincing reviews.

          George - your experience is helpful - thanks. I think you've hit the nail on the head - that it's worth it if you do a lot of colour correction. I don't think I do enough to justify it ..


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            I find I use the plug-in a lot to make detailed color changes. If I want to make a slight color change to some part of the photo but not effect the other parts I use this filter. The ability to lock the colors around the one your going to change and not have them change, when you make the change to the color you have selected to change, has been a big help to me. I also use it when I want to change a color and the brightness of the color at the same time.

            The only con to the filter is time needed to get use to how it works and the cost.

            I also have the iCorrectâ„¢ Professional 3.0 filter and make use of it more than the Color Mechanics filter.


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              oh? curioser and curioser! Who makes that? Sounds interesting.

              I wonder if they have a downloadable trial version (just for DJ)


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