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    Can anyone offer advice on getting Deep Paint to work? I open a photo, open Deep paint, click "Send" tab and it runs, and runs, and runs but never finishes. I even left my computer on all night last night to see if it would complete the test and when I got up this morning, it STILL hadn't finished. There's no question that I'm doing something wrong, but with no user guide to offer assistance, I'm a bit stuck. Thank you.

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    The problem is probably in the send-to-Deep-Paint plugin and not in Deep Paint itself.

    Lets test this...

    Remember, Deep Paint also works as a stand-alone program (in fact I always use it that way).
    So you can just open up the Deep Paint program directly and then try to open an image with Deep Paint.

    Did this work?


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      i assume you're trying to run DP as a plugin from some other program. what is the other program and how are you invoking it from there?

      i use DP from paint shop pro 10 and it works fine. i call up psp 10, load an image there, call up my 'effects' menu and the plugin section, pick DP and stuff loads. i then get a popup with the 'Send' message. when i hit that, DP opens up and the image i loaded in psp comes up in DP. so, if you're doing something different from that, or have DP loaded and running in a different way, let us know.



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        Thank you

        Ro, I tried running it as a stand alone and got a lot more options than I did before. I tried running it as a plug-in from within Photoshop, and that's where the initial problem was. Thanks to both of you for your input. PJ


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