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  • iCorrect EditLab 2.0

    I purchased the new Pictographics iCorrect Edit Lab 2.0 plug-in for Photoshop.

    The information on iCorrect Edit Lab 2.0 is located at.

    I have only used it on some digital camera images. It seems in my opinion to do everthing in a single plug in that I could accomplish using the iCorrect Pro and the Color Mechnanic Pro plug ins. It is an expensive plug in, but if it works like the tour demo shows, it should be worth the cost, in time saved and ease of effort, if you make a lot of color adjustment and color balance to photographs.

    When you vist the site listed above they have a nice tour that shows you what the plug in can accomplish.

    After I have used it for a while I will add update to this thread.


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    I just noticed this thread. Thanks George. It looks like it's worth checking out at the very least. Especially since color can be a tough aspect to deal with at times.


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