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  • Photoshop 7 announced

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    You think that "heal" brush is going to put us out of business?

    Another story is here
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    Move over...I want to pound my head on the desk too....I was just getting comfortable with version this....Tom


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      I like the sound of the new painting methods that will come with this version. I also heard that liquefy wasn't ready to be released with 6 but they did it anyway. The improvements should be nice.


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        Sounds like just what I need. It does all the work for you!



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          I can't wait. I like the painting aspects too.


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            Here are some that have used it and there experiences.





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              I always say I'm going to wait and bypass an upgrade but I wait a long time and suddenly I find myself buying it only to see the next version come up a few months later. Bummer. I would love to see some of those new tools in action. They sound like they will make the clone tool obsolete.


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                I wouldn't mind the clone tool becoming obsolete at all.


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                  I've seen the program and used it. I honestly think the Healing Brush is not incredibly exciting. It offers some variation to what you can already do if you are clever and use layers for clone application. The most dramatic change in function is the brush tool, which offers a lot more control, though seems a slight bit disjointed...the controls seem to be in 2 places rather than one.

                  I'm not saying 'don't upgrade,' but I think there were a lot more guts to the changes that occurred in 5.5 to 6. I would think the main reason to upgrade would be for XP and OS 10 compatibility.


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                    Originally posted by Richard_Lynch
                    I've seen the program and used it.

                    What do you think of the new file browser v. 7 contains?

                    Wouldn't you know, the minute I spend the $$ to upgrade my Thumbs Plus, now PS will have a browser. LOL!

                    However, I intend to upgrade to PS7 regardless, since I'm still using 5.5. There's just too many things to miss this one. And just when I was finally getting used to all the keyboard shortcuts


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                      You can pre-order Photoshop 7 now, either upgrade or full versions, and help out RetouchPRO at the same time. Just use these links:

                      Windows upgrade
                      Mac upgrade
                      Windows full version
                      Mac full version

                      RetouchPRO will get a small commission to help defray expenses and expand our services.
                      Learn by teaching
                      Take responsibility for learning


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                        There was a demo of photoshop 7 here in manila this week (a mac seminar on os x) and I had the same feeling about the healing brush. To hone your skills on photo restoration is no joke.
                        Then comes technology to replace one of that skill.

                        But that was just on the first five minutes. The other aspects of photo restoration is vague and learning is a never ending process. I don't think the healing brush will put us out of business. The reality is that it just made one of our jobs easier!
                        Now we can concentrate on much harder restoration problems.


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                          I found a site that has some short movie clips showing the new features.
                          I'm with you Rey, I think it will be a huge plus.
                          movie clips of new features


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                            Students can get a full version of PS at half price. Can you get that through this site? All you need is proof that you are a student and will not use the product professionally.



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                              Thanks for the link. I will definately check that one out. I know NAPP site has some Quick Time videos of PS 7's features that are pretty good but not everyone can access them so I didn't bother posting them.


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