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  • painter still in use?

    By ted on Tuesday, May 01, 2001 - 02:06 pm:

    an illustrator is looking for some software to start with. he's specialised in illustrations for biologybooks for schools.

    i know illustrator and photoshop. but i thought may be painter could be something for him. i think that no-one uses it, not in holland though. but i'm not sure about the rest of the world. and how it will connect with the graphic enviroment i work in.

    any ideas?

    By Mike Easter on Saturday, June 02, 2001 - 07:35 pm:

    Painter is currently at version 6; it is now a Corel product. They have simplified & improved the user interface and changed it to use Photoshop-compatible layers rather than the original "floaters" concept.

    Also please know that you get Painter "classic" (i.e. a "light" version) free in the box (as well as Photoshop LE) when you buy the Wacom Graphire tablet & stylus -- which costs less than $100 USD.
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    Painter 7

    Somebody must still be using Painter. A new version just came out. Here's a review
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      painter 7

      painter is the best illustration and art creation software around. in my opinion. the support for wacom drivers is superior to photoshop. the airbrush is very good, something i use almost exclusively in painter. the new painter 7 is out now but it has it's problems. currently P6 is more stable. but i'm sure a patch for 7 will be coming soon.

      well doug i'm replying to your post you placed on the painter newsgroup
      great forum you have here. you might want to post a similar message at- is a place for like-minded individuals to chat about graphics software, website design and more.

      there is a painter forum there too.



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        So you did, so you did

        But where's those examples of photo restoration using Painter you mentioned?

        Are you going to try any of our Challenges using Painter?
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          hey i just got here! gimme some time



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            How about now? Done yet?
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              Hi G,

              Thanks for the link. I bookmarked it for future reference. I have Painter 6 and I got it because I got the Intous pen and it works so well with it. Wish Photoshop offered more support to the slant features of the Wacom pens. I doubt I will upgrade too soon because if I upgrade to anything it will be PS 6 from 5.5. Glad there's another Painter user I can talk with.


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                painter manipulations

                here are some jpegs that i manipulated in painter 6. they are also on my website.





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                  WOW!!! Beautiful work in both pictures. My favorite is the second one with the frame and skulls. I think your use of color and contrast is very good. It seems to draw your eyes right to it.

                  Do you use Painter alot? I started to use it alot but got side tracked and haven't done much with it recently. If you find anymore good painter sites you can recommend let me know.



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                    a painter kinda guy


                    painter is my primary digital image creation tool. i really like it.

                    you might be interested in this site-



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                      Thanks for the site. I will check it out more tomorrow when I have time.

                      So most of your photo work is more artistic than restoration? Or do you use it to supplement your restoration?



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                        i don't do restoration. these are just some things i've done to see what would happen. i've got a photo of a friend of mine that i'm trying to fix up in painter. it's more of a retouch thing with some semi-manipulation. i think i'm going to have to do some work on it in photoshop. it is a digital file from a kodak picture cd. a low data file also. i've done as much as i could with genuine fractals. i'd like to do some more photo manipulations from images i've captured myself.

                        here are some other jpegs i've played around with in painter...





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                          You are definately talented. Love your work.


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