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  • What's plugins impress you most?

    So what Plugins have you put on your wish list or have already that you can briefly tell us about and give us a link to.

    I have been looking through all kinds of good plugins I would like to have and one is called Auto Eye by Auto FX. The link is here Auto FX has a few good software programs that look good but I thought for what I do, this one offered the best features. At a $129, it's on my wish list of goodies.

    Another site I found with some interesting plugins is Redfield Plugins There are some neat plugin packages and at least 2 are free. They also offer a nice set of tutorials for the freebies and examples of the posibilities. You can find that here Even the packages you have to buy seem pretty reasonable at about $16 to $19.

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    Thanks DJ, your explanation is more than adequate.

    Getting back to plug-ins, my wish list would include a plug-in that would take a photograph and render it as a pattern for beading or needlework.

    I saw such a plug-in a long time ago (before I had PhotoShop), but haven't been able to find it again.

    Thanks again,


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      A very interesting noise removal program can be found here:

      Briefly, it removes noise and sharpens at the same time. A demo is avaliable which is fully functional with the exception that it will only save the final resulting image in BMP format. That being said, I've played with it for a little while and am favorably impressed. It has a steep learning curve, due to the multitude of variables and the frequencies of noise it is effective on ( the number of user adjustable controls is staggering), but once you get a handle on it, the results are very impressive, especially on Digital camera photos and negative scans. The full featured version ( which allows you to save in JPEG or TIFF) is $30.00, the low price is no indicator of this programs power, however. The help file is fairly complete ( it could use some fine tuning and a bit more info on profiling), and the syntax is a little shakey, however, if those good folks produce more programs of this sophistication,they will see a dramatic increase in disposable income at my expense! Check it out, it is really worth the time. It is slow, but I am only running a 500 mh procesor with 512 of RAM, so faster machines will probably give more satisfactory( read speedy) performance.... Tom
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        Where did you find that? It looks like a retouchers dream program. I see what you mean by the learning curve. It looks intense but if you get that kind of results then I say it's well worth getting the full version. That seems like an awful good deal for only $30. Thanks alot for that excellent link Tom. I definately downloaded the demo and bookmarked it for future reference.


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          Just a quick follow saving in BMP, reopening and doing some fine tuning in PS then resaving (after adj. for final output size) in tiff then printing, I didnt notice any image degradation on 3 test photos I did, comparing them with ones which were printed in tiff without being "filterized"..( I might add these were scans from old BW negatives). I did notice that if there is very little noise in the image, dont bother with the filter. While it will remove it, the results side by side, unless greatly magnified, are indistinguishable. For getting rid of grain in scanned BW negatives this little program is unbelievable, as are the results on digital images shot at high ISO equlivent ( like 400 etc.). ..Tom
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            I definately intend to play around with it a bit and if I like it, it's not that expensive at $30 to purchase for the power is demonstrates.


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              I think that you'll find the plug-in will accomplish what it does via various types of masking and blurring. I would be very interested in trying to work out a solution using actions to simulate the same thing the interface in question does. I don't see from the description whether the plugin works with masking. If not, it would be my suggestion that you might get better results using some clever luminosity and saturation masking right in Photoshop.

              One thing about many Plugins is that they never seem to add functionality, they just have a different angle on what is already there. It sounds more to me like a 5 dollar tool with a 30$ packaging.

              If someone would forward a sample of before and after using the plugin, I'd like a shot at creating a tool for it in Photoshop...


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                Digital ROC and Digital SHO

                Applied Science Fiction, Inc. has released the following Photoshop plugins for PC (MAC to follow).
                Check out the online, live demo. If you have ad-blocking software, you need to disable it first.

                Digital SHO Digital ROC

                I've been yearning for a flatbed with this sort of technology, so I was thrilled to see you can get a plugin.
                I just downloaded both of these, and haven't tried them yet, but if they're anywhere near the DEMO quality, I'll be happy.

                I'll report back after I give them a run.


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                  Regarding AutoEye 2.0 (new) from Auto F/X...

                  I downloaded/installed the trial and messed with it a bit.

                  * Very sluggish on a 1.4mhz/1GB RAM box running Windows 2000. Photoshop, in comparison, is much faster in my personal environment at rendering more-or-less equivalent effects.
                  * No preview window.
                  * I wasn't overly impressed with what I perceived to be relatively limited functionality and scope.

                  BOTTOM LINE FOR ME:
                  I wasn't able to find sufficient functionalty and/or features to justify investment.

                  SO, ENLIGHTEN US (again)...
                  As a newbie, I've been reading many of your intelligently crafted and reasoned postings on various threads. I would be very interested in hearing from your perspective what features/functions qualified this plug-in for your personal wish list. What does it bring that PS cannot, cannot do as well, or cannot do as easily?

                  DON'T PANIC...
                  This is not a setup to blast your thoughts; just want to see if there are things I overlooked. Based on what I've read so far, you have quickly earned my respect as one of knowledge and integrity.

                  EBAY ANYONE?
                  For eBay fans there's a new, unregistered authentic AutoEye up for auction at the moment. Auction ends Easter Sunday about 10:00 a.m. PST.

                  SAVE $30
                  I got an e-mail about a week ago from Auto F/X announcing AutoEye 2.0. Within the e-mail was this code (88991) that if used before March 31 entitles one to a $30 discount = $99 (vs. $129) investment. I suspect that this might be a "one time" code.

                  Since I'm not planning on using it, anyone reading this thread is welcome to take advantage of it with my compliments!

                  Happy Photoshopping...


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                    Welcome to Retouch Pro. Thanks for taking the time to give a good review on Auto Eye. I really appreciate you candor on this software. Since I don't have it, I can only go by what users have to say about it and their website which I am beginning to think is showing some unachievable results.

                    What impressed me were the examples on the Auto Eye site that showed the vivid details it brought out of the slightly blurred images. The color correction wasn't the feature that struck a cord as much as the way it seemed to sharpen without halos. Now I'm not so sure it really works that well from what you have said. I definately believe your experience more than the site pushing it and for that price, you may have saved me some money.

                    Your input is exactly why I started this thread so we could get user info on good and bad software investments. So don't be afraid to speak your mind.


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                      Mini Review:
                      I downloaded the two plugins by Applied Science Fiction, Digital SHO and Digital ROC.

                      The demo on their website is quite impressive, however, I couldn't get the plugin to duplicate their results. I even took a screen shot of their demo photos, and couldn't get them to come out like their "demo" either.

                      All in all, I was more impressed by their demo results than the actual plugins.
                      I was able to duplicate the Digital SHO plugin results by some simple Photoshop techniques, so I wouldn't recommend anyone rushing out for that one.

                      However, the Digital ROC was a bit better, but not remarkably. It was able make some impressive corrections, but it wasn't able to match the ability of their demo - again. I also thought that it added an "overlay" sort of darkness to the photo that I didn't care for.

                      I ran these plugins on my system, and compared notes with my sister, who ran them on her system. We both got the same results. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who has tried these.

                      If anyone is interested, I've made up a tutorial that mimicks the Digital SHO plugin. It's at
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                        I haven't tried them but it would seem this is another one where the examples on the site were a bit exagerated. I think your results are better than their plugin. Guess Richard is right about some plug ins packing $5 worth of software in a $30 package. Thanks for giving it a try and telling us about it.


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