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What is a "tube"?

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  • What is a "tube"?

    I noticed in one of the tutorials that you mentioned, they use the term "tube" - I've seen the term before, but no explanation what it means.

    Every time I think I'm learning something about PhotoShop, someone throws a new term in to confuse me LOL


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    Some graphics programs have tubes which are paint tools that actually paint preset images on your canvas. The images could be anything from nature to items, you name it. Those "tubes" you see are different images created by users same as actions are created for Photoshop. I know PSP 7 (Paint Shop Pro) uses tubes. Painter uses something similar called hoses which is the same principal. That's about all I can tell you. A PSP 7 user could answer you better.


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      I'm not 100% positive about this, since I haven't used either program in a long time, but Painter "hoses" spray a selection of similar images, such as leaves, with slight variances to make them appear more real. "Tubes" seem to be single images...much like clipart.

      Some PSP user step in here and please straighten this out.
      Learn by teaching
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        In Painter the hose would spray the image repeatedly the same size if using the mouse but if you use a pen tool you can vary the size of the images by the amount of pressure. That gives you small trees in the back ground but much larger ones in the foreground.
        I can't say for sure about the tubes since I don't have PSP 7 but I imagined it was the same way otherwise why not just import a clipart image? Someone with PSP 7 could probably clear that up.


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          The replies have been right on regarding tubes. I believe they are native to Paint shop pro. Other editing programs have their own names for similar type images. I do not believe photoshop has anything built into their program that are like tubes.

          I just painted a few tubes on an image to give you an idea what they look like.

          Were off on vacation tomorrow morning, so I will not be able to reply to any additonal questions.

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            After seeing Carl's examples of tube images I think there are some differences between Painter's image hose. Here is a file showing various image hoses. Since Painter is designed to work with a stylus pen you can see the difference between mouse strokes and pen strokes. The images can be anything same as tubes but I don't see the drop shaddows in all the image hose images.
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              I think this will give you an idea of how the Painter Hoses are used. This picture was just thrown together so it's "not suitable for framin as they would say" but you get the idea. With the exception of the water and the tree trunk, everything was done with image hoses.
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                OOPS!! major boo boo

                OOPS!! Major brain malfunction on my part. To correct this I will say that Painter uses an image hose to apply images but those images are refered to as nozzles not hoses. All I can say is that my brain is turning to mush at a rapid rate.
                So to sum it up here Tubes are the equivalent of Nozzles


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                  In Corel photopaint it's called an image sprayer.


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