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  • Genuine Fractals 2.0

    I just started to use my new Nikon ES4000. It came bundled with Genuine Fractals 2.0. I learned about it in one of the threads. I believe that some of the members have used it.

    If so, I would like some direction.

    I saved the jpeg digital image as an .stn file. I want to put a smaller image on the web and also make 4x6 and 8x10 prints. Do I work from the original .stn file and save an image for each application?

    The help in Genuine Fractals 2.0 mentioned that it did not support layers. This would be a limitation. It also mentioned that an .stn file could be opened in Genuine Fractals 2.0 or PhotoShop. I did not see how you opened it in Genuine Fractals 2.0.



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    Alan, I work from the original .stn file and create documents from that for whatever application is at hand, such as for printing different sized photos etc. then save the newly created document in the appropriate format, i.e., 5x7 or 8x10 or 12x18 saved as tiff and so on for printing..jpeg for web etc.... No layer support unfortunately...I believe 2.0 can be used as a stand alone program, but I use it as a PS plugin. Tom


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      I ialso ntend to use it as a plug-in in PS. Do you do any layering in PS and then save it as an .stn?

      I just noticed that there is an upgrade to Genuine Fractuals 2.5 for about $30.



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        No, I save the raw scan and a corrected/retouched version as layers, unless flattened. I had heard that an upgrade was out but am unsure what it consists of... Tom


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          It is the "corrected/retouched" that I'm trying to get straight. Are you doing this in PS before you save it as an .stn. If not-what?



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            After saving a copy of the raw scan as .stn, I do what ever adjusting etc. seems called for ,usually in PS, then save it as .stn.. While the .stn file is open in PS you can use layers, etc.. But when you save it, the image is automatically flattened. The main use I have found for using this format is if I am going to be making copys of the file intended for different output methods/devices like web vs. print and so on. I can work from one master file and format different copys from it plus the .stn format saves disc space. For saving on CD I use Tiff almost exclusively ...hi bit/hi res raw scan and finished formatted versions of the image. As an example, I just finished some work which required scanning and retouching some 40 year old slides which were destined for a CD slideshow, printing in 5x7 and 8x10 format. Using the scans saved as .stn I could work from one file to get the different dimensions and resolutions needed without introducing artifacts and degrading the image....In short, you can use layers etc. with .stn format, you just cant save them in it. Hope this helps...Tom
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