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  • Art Weaver (graphic editor)

    i havent had time to really test this one out yet, but from what little i have, it's a gem! if you like deep paint 2 or the impressionist plugin, you're going to love this one. now, i've never played with Corel's Painter but i'm guessing those that have will also find Art Weaver one they'll want to put in their arsenal.

    and, like deep paint 2 and impressionist, it's free! frankly, i find this amazing. this is a full-featured editor. the brushes are cool and if you know photoshop or paint shop pro, the interface is going to be easy to learn. in fact, if you know those other programs you'll be right at home and there really wont even be much of a learning curve.

    ok, you can find the program here: it's a free download and free to use.

    i havent the time to fully test this right now, so i'd love to hear what others think of this.


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    I gave this a quick try - for a freebie it has a lot going for it. However I think it is so like Painter that I won't be surprised to find they are being sued for copyright. Many of the brushes appear to be copies of Painter brushes.



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      Thanks for bringing this up. I downloaded an earlier version a few months ago and played with it a bit but, because it lacked a clone brush and thus required some degree of actual , um, painting ability, it wasn't really my cup of tea. So I was pleased to find that cloning has been added in the newest release! I've experimented with it a little, with mixed success so far.

      It does, indeed, have a lot of possibilities, I think. And the author seems to be working steadily to improve it.

      You sure can't beat the price.

      (The copyright question is discussed in the Artweaver form, btw)



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        Great find... Another "toy" to play with.

        Thanks for sharing this little golden nugget.


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          well, you're all welcome and be sure to thank the author as well.

          and thank you for responding. i would like to hear how anyone likes or dislikes it and what they use it for.

          like i say, i've only just recently installed this and played with it only once, but it did seem to have a lot of potential, particulary to the Painter crowd.

          oddly, the only reason i re-discovered the program was due to posting my list of graphic editors in that new thread and through editing that list there. so, being that i'm not done with that yet, there may be some more gems in there even i dont know about