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FREE Plugins - Eye Candy 3.0

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  • FREE Plugins - Eye Candy 3.0

    See Doug's post below. He raises a good point. While I've not had a problem with this download (I installed it 5/2001), caution is always prudent.

    This giveaway has been around for awhile, but I didn't find mention of it among the archives, so here's the link for any who haven't tapped in:

    Important ==> Click on the appropriate Win / Mac icon below the label ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD.

    In addition to Eye Candy 3.0 (I believe) a "demo" version of EyeCandy 4000 will also be installed. [I installed this freebee about a year ago from a different site, not this one.] If true, not to worry... You can easily delete EC4000 and keep EC 3.0 forever- no strings attached.

    Worth a look, anyway. Can't beat the price.

    Probaby not many filters other than 'HSB noise' that would be useful for "retouching," but some might be fun to play with when you do get a few minutes of free time. (yeah, right!)
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    I tried it but couldn't download them. I wound up on the Alien Skin site and they indicate that this free download is no longer available. I decided to try your link later on in the evening and can't even connect anymore. Have you tried it with success?


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      I was able to dl it via the 'alternate' link, but it's an EXE file inside a ZIP file, and I don't take candy from strangers, even if it is Eye-Candy.
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