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    Does anyone use Genuine Fractals 2.0 to enlarge images? I have been reading about it, and Adobe offers it in their store.

    It sounds like a good way to transfer files over the web. I don't like to invest in more software, but this one sounds useful. Thanks for any feedback you can supply.

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    Go to the forum search page and type in Genuine Fractals and you'll find 14 discussions of the software (so far).

    But don't let that stop anyone from discussing it further here
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      CC, For just transfering files over the web, Fractals probably wouldnt be very satisfactory. To open them at the other end the person would have to have the Fractals program installed also.. The main value of this program is to allow for creation of a single file which can then be enlarged or "shrunk" upon opening to the needed dimensions/resolution without undue artifact production, thus saving disc space by having a single file, instead of multiple ones each destined for a specific output. I use this program and for what its intended purpose is, it is great, but unless you do work which requires output destined for disparate media, it would be disappointing....Good luck, Tom


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        From your experience, what are your rule(s) of thumb(s) for "When does it make sense to engage Genuine Fractals to make an enlargement?"

        Is part of it a function of the file size to begin with and/or are there thresholds such as, "Anytime I want to enlarge to a" x b" or larger, I always use GF."

        ... you know... that kind of sage advice.

        Thanks in advance...
        -- DannyR


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          I usually use GF when I need to make an enlargment in excess of 5x7. I will do any touching up/restore type stuff on a copy of the original file, then save that in GF format. From the GF file I can open and set the dimension/resolution needed for the job at hand. It is a handy program, if you need multiple copys for different display purposes or if you do a lot of enlargments. It is not a magic bullet though, there is some artifact production and the importiant thing to remember is if the item to be enlarged is not very good, quality wise, at original size, it isnt going to be good at any size...the larger you make it the more apparant the imperfections become. That being said, it is useful. Using the program to store large files, such as hi res negative scans and the like can save a lot of disc space. Hope this helps..Good luck Tom


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            I upgraded to Genuine Fractals 2.5 from version 2.0, if you are interested in using Genuine Fractals I suggest that you look at the 2.5 version instead of the 2.0 version.


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              Genuine Fractals - the sponge wants to soak up more.

              Tom... This helps a lot...

              Just to clarify, it's not unusual for you to do your cleanup/touchup, enhancements, etc. at 5x7... and if you've got a sharp, hires 5x7, you'll get decent results enlarging to 11x14 or larger for portrait-type images?

              Since you can use GF to specify upsize resolution, what's your guidelines for resolution at 5x7 before enlarging... 150ppi? 300ppi?

              On another thread I read about availablity of GF 2.5 upgrade. Have you pioneered that path yet? If so, +, -, ?

              Thanks again...
              -- DannyR


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                Informative Genuine Fractals links

                I wuz doing some surfing for GF info. Here's a couple links that I thought were useful...


                Though a couple years old, this is an interesting chat among several experienced GF users...



                Exceptionally informative GF 2.0 review here. In depth, side-by-side image comparison, unbiased...


                GF 2.5 info...

                Considering it shipped less than a month ago, didn't find anything from a consumer review perspective. Here's the manufacturer's pitch:

                Handy tools for using GF effectively

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                  CC, My work flow usually follows this path:
                  (1) Import and save raw image (2) do adjustments at the same dimensions/res as imported then save in .stn(GF format).(4) open and set dimensions/res for job at hand. For 12x16 I aim for a 40 megabyte file.... for 8x10 19 mb. usually does well.... Just remember that you must start with a good photo to begin with or the only thing you will get is an enlarged version complete with warts, etc....A good photo will stand the "Fractals Treatment" very well..... Re: upgrade...I have not investigated it as 2.0 works well for me and because I only use the program perhaps 3-4 times a month, I dont think it would really make a huge difference.
                  DR...Thanks for the links...they look interesting!! Tom


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                    Thank you Danny for those links, they are bookmarked now on my computer! I just read thru the first one and it is very informative


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                      All of us like to find gems on the internet, but sometimes there's just not enough time in the day. I've sure learned a lot from links posted by other folks, so I was glad to make a contribution this time.

                      This thread has sparked a renewed interest in the GF 2.0 that's been sitting dormant since I tried it over a year ago. I must not have been using it correctly to appreciate its value. Then again, hadn't been born yet, so I couldn't use this treasure of a site for assistance!

                      GOOD NEWS
                      If you liked #1, wait until you have time to read #2. It's among the most thorough reviews I've read on any product.

                      Happy Photoshopping!
                      -- Danny


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