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  • Plug-in question

    I've gotta admit it --- I'm not a plug-in junkie! I also have to admit that I've considered trying some. The question is --- will plug-ins made for Photoshop 6 work for Photoshop 7? Probably not eh?


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    From what I understand, most will without problem. The only ones which might have a problem could be high end ones ....Mask Pro had a few issues with PS 6 but were resolved fairly quickly by the company....Tom


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      Companies usually rush to put out patches for the newest Photoshop updates as Tom said. So far it would seem some of the plugins are just short term fun toys to play with but for our business, no real use. Others can be extremely useful. I would say before buying, check the reviews on this site or others as to their useability.


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        Thanks for the replies. Now I can go looking! If I can get enough toys, maybe I can put off the several thousand chores I have planned now that the weather's warming a bit.



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